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Cellar Person Position - Escape Brewing Company, FL

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  • Cellar Person Position - Escape Brewing Company, FL

    Escape Brewing Company in Trinity, FL is looking for creative, motivated, hardworking individual to join our brewing team in Trinity, FL. The Cellar Person is responsible for the duties involved with the fermentation cellar, packaging process, and cleaning/management of cooperage. These are the primary functions/responsibilities of the Cellar Person, however assistance within the brewhouse outside of this scope may be requested. Ensuring quality throughout the Cellar Person’s daily duties is a must and will be a primary focus. The ideal candidate will have at least two years experience working in a professional brewery as a cellar person and/or brewer - formal brewing education is a plus.

    The Cellar Person is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing fermentation vessels. The Cellar Person is also responsible for monitoring the fermentation of beer, the cooling of fermenting and conditioning beer, and carbonating beer to the correct level. The Cellar Person also cleans and sanitizes all other cellar equipment as well as the general working environment in the cellar. Including, but not limited to, outside of tanks, floors, drains, and other miscellaneous parts.

    The Cellar Person is expected to work up to 40 hrs per week and up to 12 hrs per day. With management approval, overtime may be performed and may be required depending on the load of work from the production schedule. The Cellar Person is an hourly position.

    Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Minimum two years professional brewing and/or cellar experience
    • Come in prepared to work in a fast paced, dynamic environment. Communicate with production team to understand the day’s objectives.
    • Proper personal protective equipment is required to be worn throughout the day.
    • Manage Fermenting Beer and make sure it’s on track with Production Schedule
    • Gravity samples, Q/A tests, Sensory Analysis, record data in logs
    • Communicate with Production Team throughout the day to make sure fermenting beer is on schedule, the cellar is organized, and we’re able to maintain a good workflow.
    • CIP all tanks and sanitize according to schedule
    • Clean/Sanitize all cellar equipment, along with outside of tanks, floors and drains.
    • Manage Yeast
    • Harvesting, Storage and Pitching
    • Carbonate Beer to specifications using Zahm & Nagel CO2 tester
    • Manage Packaging Process
    • Cleaning/Sanitizing all parts, package beer according to schedule
    • Manage/Maintain Cooperage
    • Clean/Sanitize Kegs using semi-automatic keg washer, ensure outside of kegs are clean, pull keg spears when needed
    • Primary Focus should be to safely make beer and provide a safe working environment to help the entire production team make great beer.

    Other Requirements:
    • Follow SOP’s and safety protocols
    • Help to improve inefficiencies within cellar process
    • Make recommendations for equipment purchases
    • Contribute to improvements and process required to gain efficiency and quality assurance in the cellar
    • Complete special projects assigned by Production Manager
    • Remain calm and poised during stressful situations/emergencies and maintain an upbeat and positive attitude
    • Remain flexible in a dynamic, fast paced environment
    • Safely work with hazardous chemicals
    • Writing and Math skills necessary to accurately perform dilution calculations, record data/log entries, and other scientific aspects of the cellar
    • Frequent problem solving will be required
    • Communicate clearly with Production Team
    • Ability to ask for help to ensure product meets quality expectations, mistakes are avoided, and product is delivered on time
    • Transferring of finished product to/from offsite warehouse

    Physical Requirements:
    • Consistently lift and carry 50 pounds and occasionally lift and carry up to 70 pounds
    • Must be able to move, slide full half barrel kegs ~160 pounds.
    • With assistance, must be able to help lift up to 160 pound kegs on pallet for transfer to offsite warehouse
    • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, kneeling, repetitive hand and wrist motion, and reaching
    • Climb ladders and stairs to brewhouse up to several times per day
    • Must be able to stand and work for an entire shift
    • Work with hot, cold and hazardous equipment and materials

    Please send resume and cover letter to