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Cellar, Packaging and Logistics Operator - NYC

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  • Cellar, Packaging and Logistics Operator - NYC

    The Bronx Brewery in Bronx, NYC is looking to hire a motivated and hard-working Cellar, Packaging and Logistics Operator. Job description below. Please contact Will Arnaiz, our Lead Brewer at for more information or to apply for the role.

    Title: Packaging, Freight and Cellar Operator

    Reports to: Lead Brewer

    Job Overview:

    The Packaging, Freight and Cellar Operator will be primarily involved with all aspects of packaging and inbound/outbound freight in addition to cellar-work when and as needed. A successful Packaging, Freight and Cellar Operator will efficiently package beer with great care, keep an organized and clean work-space and direct the flow of beer from tank to walk-in to freight truck.

    ● Packaging beer according to SOP/QA guidelines and ensure a clean quality product will be reaching our customers
    ● Owning the path and all stops from brite tank to trucks, including canning/kegging, walk-in organization and inventory, truck staging, etc.
    ● Maintaining inventory of packaging materials, including kegs and pallets
    ● Keeping a safe and clean work environment
    ● Scheduling and overseeing AHRC temp crew
    ● Prepare orders for shipment to distributors
    ● Receive/load inbound/outbound shipments
    ● Organizing and managing packaging shift transition with Packaging Operator
    ● Loading bay and alleyway cleanliness and organization
    ● Maintain storage space inventory and cleanliness
    ● Dunnage inventory and return logistics management
    ● CIP tanks
    ● Beer transfers
    ● Yeast management
    ● Dry hopping tanks

    ● Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
    ● 6-12 months running a packaging line ideal but not necessary
    ● Troubleshooting ability
    ● Keen sense of environment
    ● Attention to quality, detail, and safety
    ● Ability to pitch in across departments
    ● Standing for entire shift
    ● Repeated lifting, kneeling, squatting, and twisting
    ● Forklift experience ideal but not necessary