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NYC Warehouse Manager/Delivery Driver/Cellarman - Torch & Crown Brewing

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  • NYC Warehouse Manager/Delivery Driver/Cellarman - Torch & Crown Brewing

    Please send resume AND cover letter to

    Torch & Crown Brewing Company is looking for Warehouse Manager/Delivery Driver to help our growing team at both our production facility (30 bbl brewhouse and 12,000+ bbl capacity) in the Bronx, and our brewpub (10 bbl brewhouse, 2,500 bbl capacity – currently in buildout) in the Heart of the City.

    At Torch & Crown, we aim high and move quickly. We’re quickly growing our Bronx production space to be one of the largest in the City. We’re also building the only production brewery in Manhattan and pursuing entirely new sales channels. We need someone to manage our warehouse including shipping/receiving logs and all inventory, help out around the cellar, and to get our beer into people’s hands! This position is the perfect first step for someone looking to get into the industry, and offers the training/ability to transition to a full-time brewer/cellarman in the future.

    In this position, you’ll report directly to our Operations Manager. Responsibilities span the spectrum of brewery tasks. This position will require some flexibility around our production schedule.

    YOU ARE:
    • Someone who can rise to any task. We’re growing rapidly, and we haven’t had a “normal” day yet. While we need you in the warehouse and on the road primarily, we’ll call upon you to fix things, build things, deliver things, and improve things.
    • Ambitious and competitive. Brewing in New York City is hard work, and expanding at our rate doubly so. We need someone who’s excited by that challenge and will thrive under that pressure alongside us.
    • Insanely organized and meticulously detail-oriented. You’ll be the primary person in charge of both hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory, and making sure all our beer gets routed and sent to the right place.
    • Physically able to spend whole days lugging 160lb kegs around the city.
    • Interested in brewing operations and hungry to learn.

    • Organizational skills and strict attention to detail
    • A clean driving record
    • Outstanding analytical abilities, and the ability to think on your feet to creatively solve problems
    • Strong communication skills

    • TOP pay. (Not “competitive,” and not “above average.”) We believe our people are our single greatest asset, and we compensate accordingly through base salary and annual bonus (both cash and equity, based on performance).
    • Upward mobility. We’re a small company now, but as we grow through our two locations and multiple business segments, we’ll need people to arise to management roles from within.
    • An ideal learning environment. The amount of exposure to different styles and systems, as well as business processes, you’ll gain at Torch & Crown is truly unique. Whether you want to grow into a management role with us or build the skillset to one day move towards opening your own brewery, we will give you the tools to get there.
    • A tightly knit team, and a culture built around everyone’s success. We work hard towards our common goals, and we’re consciously building a team who wants to have each other’s back.
    • Complete transparency. We’ll communicate precisely our vision and how we’re executing it. We don’t expect you to blindly follow orders, and we’ll never ask anything of you without communicating the “why” behind it.
    • Benefits include: ability to earn equity in our company; healthcare/dental/vision coverage; 401(k); open personal time off (PTO) policy, including vacation and sick days; maternity and paternity leave.

    Please send resume AND cover letter to
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