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CELLARPERSON // suarez family brewery // livingston, NY

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  • CELLARPERSON // suarez family brewery // livingston, NY

    We are a Mom and Pop production brewery based in Livingston, NY. We aim to run our operation like a true family business – creating simple products that we can share with people that care about good beer. We hope the tasting room will feel like an extension of our living room and be a place where we can welcome people to enjoy the beers that we make with care.

    We specialize in three main styles of beer (all unfiltered and mostly low in alcohol): lagers, crispy little beers (mostly hoppy pale ales, but there are occasionally others, such as dark English mild and porter), and country beers (mixed fermentation beers that include oak aging and are bottle / keg conditioned).

    The Cellarperson will head up numerous tasks to help maintain the production of Suarez Family Brewery beer. This position will also be instrumental in maintaining beer quality.
    While there is overlap in the brewing process (i.e. brew days often require the help of two people at specific points), this position is largely in charge of the cellaring operations.

    In this position you will work closely with Dan to cellar and package Suarez Family Brewery beer. Duties include, but are not limited to:

    ASSISTING WITH BREWING // providing assistance to Dan in critical control points throughout the day, hopping in when four hands are needed instead of two, primarily helping at the end of knock out.

    CELLAR OPERATIONS // CIP, sanitation, transfers, dry hopping, barrel management, yeast management.

    CLEANING + ORGANIZATION // always keeping a tidy and orderly space in all production areas, including the brewhouse, packaging area, barrel racks, storage, warm aging room, grain + mill area, walk-in, and loading area outside.

    PACKAGING // washing kegs, keg and bottle filling, labeling, palletizing, warehousing.

    RECORD KEEPING // tracking fermentations, accepting and warehousing shipments and deliveries, maintaining accurate inventory, maintaining accurate barrel and packaging logs.

    BEER TASTING / EVALUATION // pulling barrel samples + conducting barrel tasting and blend sessions with Dan, tasting beer from tanks, pulling and evaluating diacetyl tests.

    LOADING DISTRO VAN // this person will help load the van for our whoelsale deliveries.

    MISC BREWERY UPKEEP & MAINTENANCE // this person will be a critical part of the team in both identifying and performing necessary maintenance and upkeep to the brewery equipment and facilities.

    EVENTS // this person may be required to be present at Suarez Family Brewery related events - both on site and elsewhere. You may also be required to attend / work any beer festivals on behalf of Suarez Family Brewery (*NOTE // we participate in very few events + festivals – only the ones that Dan and/or the production crew feel particularly excited about, such as Pils + Love).

    For a full job description pop us an email at with the subject line CELLARPERSON. We'll ping you back with a detailed job description, information on how to apply, and other pertinent details.

    APPLICATION DEADLINE // Monday March 9th @ 8 AM Eastern Daylight Time
    *We’ll be reviewing applications and scheduling interviews the following week and making a final hiring decision by the third week of March.