Hitchhiker Brewing is growing and we are looking for a dedicated individual to join our squad. We are seeking an individual with a strong work ethic, good vibes and a high attention to detail in a fast paced work environment. This position is full time.

Hitchhiker Brewing is located in Pittsburgh, PA and started in 2014 as a 3bbl brewery in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Mt. Lebanon. In late 2017 we moved all production to a facility in Sharpsburg where we operate a 15bbl brewhouse. The original location still remains open as a taproom.

Job responsibilities, including but not limited to;
Malt handling
Beer fermentation monitoring and maintenance
Yeast Management
Ingredient integration ie Dry Hopping
Cellar operations including racking and carbonation
Record Keeping
Packaging both in kegs and cans
Ability to attend Staff Meetings
Participation in events both on and off site
Commitment to quality and understanding that there is always room for improvement
Ability to adhere to OSHA and FDA regulations

Physical Requirements;
Lift 60 + lbs on a regular basis
Ability to work in hot/cold/wet environments that require kneeling, crawling, twisting, bending, pushing, and lifting.
Stand for the duration of an 8+ hour shift
Use of a ladder

General Requirements;
Homebrewing or Professional Experience Required
Proficient in Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Brewing software
Knowledge of packaging and experience preferred
Readily available personal transportation
Representing the brand and company in a professional manner

If you feel you're a good fit please email andykwiat@gmail.com