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Chief Operating Officer (COO) - B52 Brewing Co

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  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) - B52 Brewing Co

    Chief Operating Officer - B52 Brewing Co


    B-52 Brewing Company is seeking an entrepreneurial-minded COO to oversee the overall operations of its brewery and taproom in Conroe, Texas. Established in 2014, B-52 Brewing has built a strong reputation for producing unique and high-quality beers in the greater Houston area. Current production level is approximately 2,000 bbls with roughly 90% sold on-site. B-52’s focus is on the high-end craft beer market with an extensive barrel-aging program including sours, fruit additions, stouts, and a few mainstream selections. With the unique nature of our brews, awareness about B-52 is expanding throughout Texas and the surrounding states in the region.

    The brewery has been built on a solid financial foundation and is expected to emerge from these uncertain times as strong as ever with new opportunities for the future. Expanded distribution, an on-site restaurant , satellite locations, and efficiency improvements are just a few of the potential untapped opportunities for growth. The ideal candidate will be someone with the experience and passion in these areas to take B52 to the next level.

    The position has the potential for growth and advancement within the company through bonus incentives and is eligible for equity options based on performance reviews

    Job Description:

    The candidate should have a solid understanding of brewing and engineering skills, plant and pub management experience, financial knowledge to reduce costs and improve productivity, and strong leadership skills with the willingness to institute change. Additionally, the ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of the craft beer market, especially high-end niche markets. The candidate should utilize this knowledge to oversee marketing and branding strategy as well as project planning and help identify growth strategies.

    Job duties include the supervision of all department managers and employees including the head brewer, on-site pub manager, packaging team, marketing, and all other support personnel such as bartenders and servers. The successful candidate will report to the Board of Directors and manage the day-to-day operations of the brewery as well as be responsible for financial planning, reporting, and adherence to budget.

    Day-to-day responsibilities include review process and production procedures, analyze cost of goods produced to ensure maximum profitability, hire and train employees, order raw materials and packaging, oversee marketing and branding strategy, coordinate and manage facility and equipment maintenance, monitor product quality, ensure a safe, sanitary, and clean workplace, and work with upper management on the procedures, policies, budgets, and the execution of the aforementioned. It is expected that the qualified applicant will have at least 5 years of experience in the craft beer and/or related artisan beverage industry, display proven leadership, communication, coaching, and interpersonal skills, and must be able to cultivate a productive team environment. Salary is commensurate with experience.

    Detailed description of job responsibilities:
    • The COO will work with the Board of Directors on strategy, planning, growth/expansions, and new projects.
    • Responsible for the implementation and execution of the strategies, plans, and projects as determined from Board meetings.
    • Manage all employees and upper management including the Head Brewer, on-site pub manager, marketing and sales team, bartenders, servers, and all other support personnel.
    • Brewery sales – Ultimately responsible for on-site taproom sales with support from the taproom team.
    • Wholesale Sales – Ultimately responsible for wholesale and distribution sales. This involves working with and guiding/assessing our distribution partner.
    • Work with the Marketing Team to develop branding, packaging, and social media strategy/direction.
    • Coordinate purchasing and inventory of brewery raw materials, tools, equipment, and maintenance with the Head Brewer.
    • Manage the financials of the company. This includes accounts payable and accounts receivable. Provide accurate COGS for all products and services including profitability analysis. Capable of understanding financial statements such as P/L reports and balance sheets.
    • Work with the Board of Directors and accountant on monthly, quarterly, and yearly taxes including sales tax, excise tax, payroll taxes, federal/state taxes, etc.
    • Work with on-site pub manager to develop and coordinate special events, including private parties, special beer releases, anniversary parties, etc.
    • Responsible for scheduling and staffing off-site beer events and festivals. Will assist in the selection of off-site events and the branding/marketing strategy.
    • Develop, train, and lead the taproom team to exceed customer expectations and create an emotional bond that reinforces the brand position and brand strategy.
    • Greeting, interacting with and educating customers on product/general company information – to know and share the story of B-52 Brewing Co.
    • Constantly evolving knowledge of B-52’s processes and ever-changing list of draft and packaged beers.
    Essential job skills/qualifications:
    • Must have a strong understanding of the craft beer market and brewing process with special emphasis on artisan/high-end products.
    • Must have finance management skills
    • Strong computer skills (Word, excel, quickbooks)
    • Have experience with brewing software, ideally EKOS.
    • Excellent communication skills (written and spoken)
    • Strong negotiation skills
    • An outgoing and friendly personality. Must be able to cultivate and work with a highly productive team.
    • Organizational and prioritization skills are essential. Must be able to prioritize highest value tasks allocating time to both urgent and non-urgent but important projects.
    • Must have knowledge of branding and marketing strategy.
    • Distribution and sales experience desired.
    • Personally organized and capable of motivating staff organization and holding them accountable to shared commitments.( i.e. SOP’s established for a clean and organized brewery).
    • Strong leadership skills. Ability to lead by setting a professional and upbeat example. Must be able to motivate staff.
    • Need to be self-motivated and passionate with a strong work ethic.
    • Ability to multitask and manage time while being detail oriented (hold the highest standard of quality and never cut any corners).
    • Flexible schedule (available weekends if/when needed). Ability to work a variety of hours as business levels are affected by seasons and other causes.
    • Valid unrestricted driver’s license.
    • Posses a mechanical aptitude and strong troubleshooting skills
    • Must be able to bend over, twist, kneel, stand, lift 55 pounds and maneuver 160 pounds.
    • Ability to work independently and in a team environment, including the ability to work with a diverse group of people.
    • Ability to deal with conflict and difficult situations.
    • Ability to be calm and flexible while working through high-stress situations.

    Compensation to be determined based on experience. Please include in your communication your salary/benefits expectations. Qualified candidates may submit their resume and cover letter to Brent Daniel by email at Please use the subject line: “B52 Brewing COO”