Full-Time Packaging Manager - Bauhaus Brew Labs, Minneapolis, MN


This position performs managerial, technical, and operational functions related to the packaging process.

Essential Responsibilities
  • Reports to Lead Brewer
  • Works with Lead Brewer and Director of Operations to set weekly packaging schedule, and adheres to packaging schedule
  • Packages all package styles, maintaining high quality.
  • Knows what constitutes inferior product, understands and upholds quality standards in place.
  • Escalates quality issues to the Lead Brewer immediately.
  • Loads all packaging machines/equipment with raw materials, and maintains end-of-line raw material pars.
  • Knows where all raw materials are stored, and is familiar with general layout of brewery.
  • Knows about opening, closing, and cleaning/CIP standard operating procedures for packaging machines/equipment
  • Performs can seam checks, as required by canning SOP, and performs seamer adjustments, as necessary
  • Performs DO checks, as required by canning SOP
  • Performs 12oz/16oz changeovers on canning line
  • Replaces filler tubing per PM schedule
  • Operates basic controls of all machines/equipment
  • Reads and understands end-of-line packaging production numbers.
  • Reads and understands all package styles posted in production schedule.
  • Communicates production numbers in real time.
  • Stores cold and warm archives for sensory evaluation in appropriate locations.
  • Reports issues with any machine/equipment to others immediately.
  • Assists in solving problems with machines/equipment.
  • Performs end-of-line opening procedures, with assistance.
  • Explains the basics of CO2, DO and their role in packaging.
  • Operates DO testing equipment in the cellar, without supervision.
  • Has a solid understanding of end-of-day production sheets.
  • Records numbers on packaging sheets.
  • Assists packaging technician with operation of the keg line during production.
  • Maintains a clean, organized and safe work environment.
  • Wears necessary PPE.

Relevant Equipment
  • Wild Goose 4-head canning line (incl. depalletizer, PacTech, in-line labeler)
  • Squire Plus 2 keg washer/filler
  • Brewsky 100 12 pk machine

Additional Responsibilities
  • Performs other brewery duties as required or assigned

Required Skills
  • Mechanical aptitude a must
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • Ability to work in high-paced, high-pressure situations/environments
  • Strong attention to detail

Physical Requirements

Must have the ability to frequently to lift 50lbs to shoulder height, and push or pull 160 lbs. Must be able to work in an environment that is sometimes loud, and requires standing, climbing, bending, for long periods of time. Late evening shifts may periodically be required.


Employment Type: Full Time

Job Type: Exempt

Pay Type: Hourly

Supervisor(s): Lead Brewer, Director of Operations

Minimum Education: High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalent Required

Minimum Experience: Brewery or Beverage Packaging, and Warehousing experienced is strongly preferred, but we are willing to train the right candidate

Age Requirement: 21 years or older

Must be able to learn and operate: Brewery equipment, Pallet Jack, Forklift.

To apply, please send cover letter and resume to someone@bauhausbrewlabs.com along with a detailed description of what your go-to order at Applebee's looks like.