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General Manager - Hard Mule Seltzer Co. - Akron, OH

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  • General Manager - Hard Mule Seltzer Co. - Akron, OH

    Position will be the “second employee” of a well-funded and semi-established hard seltzer startup and oversee all aspects of the business, including production, operations, marketing and sales. We believe our product is well positioned to become a strong regional (if not national) hard seltzer brand with a clean, crisp flavor profile and unique story-based branding and on-premise promotion strategy.

    The General Manager will be tasked with overseeing daily business activities, improving overall business functions, managing budgets, developing strategic plans, creating policies, hiring staff, and helping guide the growth of sales and production. All kinds of serious stuff. As the business grows, you will hire and grow a team – but initially, you will do it all. You should be an entrepreneur at heart, with a great understanding of how efficiently and effectively run and grow a business. And a passion for doing just that.

    Our ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in the craft brewing and/or distilled sprits industry, including all aspects of the business, with a special focus and experience in sales, marketing, and distribution.

    General Manager Responsibilities:
    • Oversee and manage daily business operations
    • Creating and managing budgets
    • Developing & managing sales / promotional strategies, including the hiring and/or management of additional staff or 3rd parties
    • Managing multiple sales channels, including oversight of promotional programs and events
    • Interfacing with production partners and ensuring production timelines and goals are met
    • Identifying and interfacing with vendors
    • Managing self-distribution efforts in local market
    • Developing and managing relationships with distributors in multiple states
    • Identifying additional contract brewing partners in other regions across the US
    • Growing bottom-line revenue
    • A whole bunch of other things that will be both challenging and rewarding – maybe even at the same time…
    General Manager Requirements:
    • Experience in the craft brewing / alcoholic beverage industry
    • Excellent knowledge of business operations & functions
    • Strong leadership qualities
    • Proactive, independent – can figure out what to do as opposed to being told what to do
    • A natural ability to solve complex problems
    • Extremely computer and technology literate
    • Fantastic interpersonal skills – you get along with everyone
    • Detail oriented and highly organized
    • Can find joy and satisfaction in a hard day’s work
    • Have a natural curiosity about life, business, and the world
    • A damn good sense of humor
    This is not a position for the faint-of-heart. You will be expected to work hard and use your skills, brains, relationships, and sweat to help build and grow this company. In return, you will be well-compensated and have the potential to gain a meaningful ownership stake in the company to share in the success you will have helped to create. You will not have a boring day, guaranteed. (If you do, something is wrong!)

    Are you up for the challenge?

    To apply, please submit cover letter & resume to