Job Title: Production Manager
Hours: Full Time
Location: Our Brewery in Baileys Harbor, WI
Reports To: CBO and COO

Door County Brewing Co. and Hacienda Beer Co. are seeking a full-time Production Manager to join our small team at our brewery in Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin. The ideal candidate will train under our current Director of Brewing Operations (who is transitioning into running their own brewing project) over the course of 2-4 months.

The Production Manager will be responsible for managing all aspects of beer production for both our experimental Hacienda Beer Co. brand (produced in-house) and our larger Door County Brewing Co. brand (primarily contract brewed at a nearby facility). The Production Manager is a technical expert for all daily brewery operations and oversees the entire production team.

This employee must be a hard-working, responsible, and self-motivated individual with a passion for craft beer and a desire to continue learning and growing within the brewing industry. The candidate must be someone who leads by example in following procedure and policy, is proactive, and helps to maintain the highest standards of employee development and performance. The candidate needs to be ready to be flexible in their schedule and be available to work long hours if needed to get projects done and meet operations schedules.

This employee must also have sufficient experience to feel comfortable stepping in to produce wort on our 2-vessel 15-barrel QTS brewhouse, develop new recipes, and improve quality and consistency in collaboration with our Lead Brewer.

All applicants must be willing to move to Door County, WI—a picturesque area along Lake Michigan in Northern Wisconsin that has a heavy influx of seasonal residents and tourists.

To apply, please send your resume, a short cover letter, and a minimum of 3 professional references to

Key Responsibilities:
Production Oversight, Management, and Planning
  • Manage and coordinate brewing schedule based on understanding of production times, proper yeast management, and demand from wholesale distribution and taprooms.
  • Manage inventory of finished products, allocating between distribution and taproom to maintain freshness and diversity in all sales channels.
  • Work with Production Team at all stages of the brewing and packaging processes to ensure quality of finished product.
  • Continually improve production processes to achieve and enhance the quality of products.
  • Work with Lead Brewer to formulate new recipes, taking into consideration both budget and current market trends in both distribution and taproom.
  • Manage contract brewing relationship: coordinate the brewing schedule, manage raw material inventory, implement recipe improvements to improve product quality and save cost, and coordinate outgoing product shipments from contract brewer to wholesale distribution partners and taprooms.
  • Coordinate and stay in constant communication with management team to forecast brewery costs and ensure profitability of brewing operations.
  • Work with Production Team to ensure production SOPs stay up-to-date and help to create new ones as needed.
  • Develop and implement effective communication channels with Production Team, including keeping them informed of important company updates and getting their feedback on a regular basis.
  • Review labor data regularly to ensure Production Team is staffed efficiently and appropriately.
  • Manage and oversee warehouse usage and organization to ensure efficient use of space and to accommodate other department needs.
  • Work with Production Team to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and organization throughout the brewery.
  • Track and manage preventative and required maintenance schedules for all equipment used in production, including scheduling and coordination with government agencies and service providers for annual inspections of equipment, as needed.
  • Commission and source additional production equipment as needed in coordination with management and Lead Brewer.
Product Development
  • Work on all aspects of product development and formulation, including recipe formulation, package design, and materials procurement.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with management, vendors, and designers to bring product vision to reality while always maintaining high quality standards.
  • Manage collaborative projects with other breweries, which can include recipe formulation, communication with collaboration partners, materials procurement, and scheduling.
Raw Material Management
  • Procure all raw materials, chemicals, and other supplies required to create the finished beer.
  • Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with all suppliers of raw materials, packaging, and brewing equipment, and identify new suppliers to find competitive prices.
  • Manage contracts for hops and other raw materials by developing annual forecasts based on available data and planning.
Production Software Management
  • Handle and ensure that all brewing and production information is entered into the brewery’s enterprise software system, Ekos. This includes: creating new brands, creating and managing batches, recording all movement and usage of raw materials and finished product inventory, creating purchase orders, and sending invoices.
  • Work with the Accounting Department to ensure all information is entered correctly and continually develop and improve procedures.
  • Supervise month-end and year-end inventories of brewery raw materials and finished goods.
  • Pull reports from Ekos, and work with other Departments, to develop forecasts for planning and scheduling brews and procurement.

Required Experience/Qualifications:
  • Minimum of 3 years of extensive experience managing people in manufacturing and warehouse environments.
  • Minimum of 2 years direct, relevant experience in manufacturing and operations in the beer industry.
  • Extensive knowledge of all aspects of craft brewing, from grain to glass.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with customers, manufacturing partners, and colleagues.
  • Experience with Ekos software, or similar production management software.
  • Proficient knowledge of basic accounting principles.
  • Proficiency with modern office software, including Google Workspace (Drive, Docs, Sheets).
  • Excellent planning, organizational, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  • Strategic mindset, anticipating needs and issues which will arrive through growth and proactively offering ideas and solutions to position the company for success.

Physical Requirements:
  • Able to lift 55 lbs overhead.
  • Able to maneuver equipment in tight spaces.
  • Able to stack and maneuver 165 lb kegs.
  • Able to work on your feet for 8+ hours at a time.
  • Able to work in tight spaces where twisting, reaching, and climbing is required.

Compensation & Benefits:
  • Competitive pay rate for an experienced individual with the right skills, starting at $55,000-65,000/year
  • Medical and dental insurance.
  • Paid vacation and sick time.
  • 401(k) plan.
  • Numerous job-related perks.

About Door County Brewing Co. and Hacienda Beer Co.:
Founded in 2012, Door County Brewing Co. has grown into a community establishment in Baileys Harbor. We focus on brewing clean, approachable beers for the Door County community—beers that pair perfectly with the activities that bring people to our beautiful peninsula along Lake Michigan. Each DCBC beer has a unique story connecting it to Door County, so even after you leave the county, we hope you can reminisce about and continue to enjoy a little piece of our home through DCBC beer. DCBC beer is distributed throughout most of Wisconsin and in select markets in Illinois.

Hacienda Beer Co. was launched in 2017 as an experimental side project to Door County Brewing Co. Hacienda focuses on creating modern, experimental beers—where our goal is to utilize creative brewing processes and ingredients to showcase bold and unique aromas and flavors in beer. Since its inception, Hacienda has made a name for itself for its highly flavorful and expressive beers, covering the full spectrum of beer styles—from subtle lagers and mixed-fermentation saisons to expressive IPAs to bold imperial stouts. Hacienda is distributed to select markets in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.

We have two taprooms serving our beer—our Music Hall in Baileys Harbor and our North Ave. Taproom & Kitchen in Milwaukee. These taprooms provide us with a direct feedback loop with our loyal customer base and give us the opportunity to tell our story through beer.