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Creature Comforts LA lead brewing position

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  • Creature Comforts LA lead brewing position

    Send resume to and

    Brewing Operations Development & Lead
    1) Manage and oversee all brewhouse actions and GMP at City Market South facility
    2) Make sure the brewhouse is properly maintained and cleaned to ensure optimal operation.
    3) Communicate effectively to guarantee brewhouse operations run smoothly.
    4) Ensure weekly wort production schedule is executed properly.

    Focus on Quality Products
    1) Ensure wort produced is the highest quality possible.
    2) Manage and assess raw materials going into wort production.

    Cross-Training & Continuous Development
    1) Help create brewing competency across the LA Production Team.
    2) Cross-train in other departments to become more aware of holistic brewery operation and be able to assist other team leads in their departments.

    • Safety minded - maintains safety for self and others as the top priority
    • Starts with trust -don’t assume another’s intention behind their actions & avoid filling in gaps with suspicion or assumptions.
    • Solution Oriented - maintains optimism and resolve in difficult situations. Does not seek to lay blame or dwell in the problem for longer than it takes to define it. Focuses on progress and ensuring long term success
    • Strong deductive reasoning - holds a strong natural ability to follow logic to diagnose likely solutions. Can "see through the matrix."
    • Mechanical aptitude - possesses a great proficiency in mechanical capabilities and a knack for figuring out how things work, along with the ability to use tools available to solve maintenance issues
    • Proficient communicator - capable of transmitting and receiving information in an efficient, timely, inspiring, and sensitive manner