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Front of House Manager - Mobtown Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD

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  • Front of House Manager - Mobtown Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD

    Job Title: Front of House Manager
    Classification: Full-Time
    Location: Mobtown Brewing Company, Baltimore, MD

    Reports to General Manager/Controller

    Background and Job Description

    Mobtown Brewing Company is a neighborhood brewery that creates fresh, unique and adventurous beer. Our brewery is the base of operations for the business and our primary revenue source. Our taproom has a variety of excellent beers on draft, along with cider, mead and NA options. We also sell off-site packaged cans, growlers, crowlers, large format bottles and merchandise.

    Since opening, Mobtown Brewing Company’s goal has been to establish a positive reputation among taproom customers, beverage accounts, and local neighborhood businesses and vendors. It is the job of the Front of House Manager to represent and facilitate these relationships and are incentivized to establish additional ones.

    The role of the Front of House (FOH) Manager is essential in creating a pleasant experience for the customer during their visit to the brewery while also acting as an effective line of communication to the leadership team. The position is multi-faceted and requires the person filling the role to be adaptive and confident in several different aspects of the business. Compensation for this position will be based on experience, incentive programs are an option.


    The responsibilities of the Front of House Manager(FOH) encompasses three main areas of the revenue portion of the business. The Taproom, Events, and Staffing. Each of these areas carry specific duties, described below.
    1. Taproom

    1.1 Inventory

    The FOH will be in charge of keeping track of all taproom inventory. Weekly reporting on the product movements, taproom supplies, merchandise, and event supplies will be provided to the Controller. The FOH and Controller will work to resolve any discrepancies in inventory. The FOH is empowered to pursue vendor relationships, related to replenishment and servicing, and providing quotes to the Controller for review and execution.

    This includes, and is not limited to: cleaning supplies, apparel, glassware, stickers, and package inventory being removed from the cooler, and any other items that may be required to facilitate taproom service.

    1.2 Product

    The FOH will maintain product levels for the taproom and online store. Feedback about the products is encouraged and will be reviewed with the production team. The FOH will review their available options and plan for upcoming releases through communications from the production calendar. The FOH will also be involved to evaluate all products on draft to help ensure that they are tasting as intended (carbonation, off-flavors, etc). If anything negative about the products is noted, it is the responsibility of the FOH to relay this to the production team and address the issue to the best of their ability (cleaning/balancing draft lines, cleaning faucets and keg couplers, etc). The FOH is empowered to work with the production team to increase constructive communication and schedule training with the staff to ensure the support needed is available related to this section.

    1.3 Cleanliness

    Cleanliness of both the taproom and beer dispensing equipment are imperative in reflecting the quality of product we produce. The FOH is responsible for implementing a comprehensive cleanliness schedule and training the staff to execute. This includes, but is not limited to, sweeping, mopping, dusting, wiping down table and bar tops, cleaning faucet areas and back-bars, cleaning the bathrooms, and routinely scheduled deep cleans. Another component of the cleanliness is the organization of supplies. The FOH is encouraged to design and implement process flow so that the supply closet, cold box, and behind the bar can be efficiently operated.

    2. Events

    On-site Events, Off- Site Events and Food Trucks.

    The FOH manager will take the initiative to schedule & coordinate events in the taproom with the anticipated goal of bringing in more customers into the taproom. On-site events include any event that occurs in the taproom or as a “block party” type of event held by the brewery. Examples of on-site events include beer releases, trivia, social leagues, live music, artist markets and showcases etc. The leadership team receives external requests for these as well and will communicate additional opportunities for the FOH to review. Mobtown wants to be held accountable to its commitments so the FOH is empowered to engage and pursue interested parties, and present their plan to the group prior to entering a full commitment. The intention of this is to enter into an arrangement with a plan and with the required support.

    The brewery also allows full and partial taproom rentals for parties that are interested. The FOH will be responsible for confirming dates and times for these rentals and invoicing for them in a timely fashion. The FOH will help accommodate any reasonable requests for these rentals.

    The FOH manager will also be involved with the leadership team in assisting in the planning and staffing of off-site events. Off-site events include events in which the brewery is represented outside of the taproom and/or is responsible for serving Mobtown products as samples or for retail sale. The FOH will assist in assigning staff to these events and communicating detailed needs for each specific event. Scheduling these off-site events with outside contacts with assistance of the leadership team, as necessary.

    The FOH will also be responsible for arranging a consistent schedule of food trucks during the days the taproom is open to customers. Busiest days will be prioritized.

    3. Staff Management

    A feature component of the FOH Manager is to recruit, maintain, and provide staffing to facilitate the taproom and events. The FOH Manager will have many areas to monitor so having the proper staff in place to execute this is imperative. These responsibilities include scheduling, approving staff time clock, training, and continuing development. Expectations include:

    - Create a shift schedule for the bartenders multiple weeks in advance to ensure adequate staffing is offered during each shift and for events.

    - Working with bartending staff to ensure a positive customer experience by establishing standards as to which the bartenders are to operate by.

    - Compiling proper opening, closing, and down time tasks for beertenders.

    - Training new, and existing, staff in proper taproom navigation. Which includes, but isn’t limited to: proper opening/closing techniques, cleaning protocol, beer dispensing techniques, POS management, and anything else deemed necessary by the FOH manager and leadership team.

    - Assisting the leadership team in hiring and onboarding new bartending/events staff

    - Coordinating with marketing, production, and leadership regarding taproom functions, events, and beer releases. This function is supported by a shared calendar and event/social media forms that all parties are expected to maintain. Mobtown’s current flow is a weekly discussion to make sure everyone is aware of the following week’s activities.

    - Participate in weekly management meetings in which relevant topics are discussed with other members of the leadership team. Collaboration from the FOH during these meetings is essential to achieving common goals for the brewery.

    Telework Status

    This position is not approved for telework. It is understood that certain duties need to be done outside the brewery in order to accomplish goals within this position, but it is designed as an on-site full-time position.

    Salary: 42k - 52k depending upon experience

    Please send all inquiries to

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