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Operations manager - manor hill brewing, ellicott city, md

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  • Operations manager - manor hill brewing, ellicott city, md

    We are looking for a highly skilled brewing professional to join our growing farm brewery. This position will exist at the heart of our daily operations and will bridge the gap between ownership, production and sales.

    - Work with the Head Brewer to manage all brewing operations, including packaging and quality control
    - Work closely with Head Brewer for production goals
    - Develop and implement long & short term planning goals with Sales Team
    - Collaborate on all production activities and create schedules to meet sales forecasts and demands
    - Monitor and continuously improve brewing operations with regards to efficiency, cost reduction and profitability
    - Translate the overall business strategy into operational goals and objectives
    - Research and implement industry trends and compliance initiatives to evolve operations standards
    - Standardize procedures and protocols and ensure that they are being adhered to
    - Oversee the purchasing and negotiations for materials and packaged goods, as well as the inventory management and finished products
    - Oversee the design, operation and improvement of systems that produce the company's products
    - Assess equipment purchase and major expenditures to maximize benefit
    - Oversee the company's quality program and practices
    - Ensure compliance standards are consistently met
    - Ensure that Standard Operating Procedures are adhered to, improve upon where applicable and train to new hires
    - Work with Ownership to review appropriate financial statements, sales and activity reports and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement
    - Identify and rectify areas for cost reduction and program improvement
    - Evaluate operating results throughout the brewery to ensure that growth objectives are being met and make sure that key metrics are communicated to the team
    - Ensure team members have the right tools, knowledge and equipment required to do their jobs effectively and safely
    - Support company events (local or national) as required, and assist sales force as needed

    4+ years professional brewing experience required
    Proficient in all brewing operations – Brewing, Cellaring, Packaging
    Sales experience preferred
    VIP and EKOS software experience preferred

    Manor Hill Brewing