Job summary

The Brewing Manager will be responsible for putting on his best flannel shirt and overseeing all production and administrative activities in the brewery while collaborating with the Brewmaster and shift leads. Effective communication, leadership ability, and brewing passion are essential qualities of a successful candidate. Must like people, beer, and the ever-present smell of fermenting wort.

Role and Responsibilities[/B]

Direct teams responsible for the 24/7 activities across wort production, fermentation and filtration. Beer never sleeps, and neither does our brewery
Be the first responder on and off shift to production questions and concerns and follow up as needed with appropriate individuals
Monitor and adapt daily team goals to meet the ever-changing production and process needs of the brewery
Provide continuous training to team members on our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure consistent quality of products and safety of the team
Schedule and organize team training, sign offs, certifications and continued education
Be an advocate, mentor and coach of a world class team of passionate craftsman and craftswomen- be the leader you’d want to follow
Provide timely feedback to team members on work performance
Lead production team meetings
Monitor and communicate brewing team KPIs
Competently operate brew house, cellar and filtration equipment according to Flying Dog SOPs
Communicate maintenance needs to keep production on schedule and ensure team member safety
Oversee housekeeping efforts to ensure cleanliness of the production area
Maintain appropriate labor balance to meet production and budget requirements
Monitor and lead projects related to production efficiency, maximization, and consistency
Participate in employee reviews and necessary disciplinary action
Be a strong advocate for the Flying Dog brand, both in-house and outside the building. We love our beer and we’re not afraid to let it show!

Qualifications and Education Requirements

Computer literacy and experience with Microsoft programs (word, outlook, excel, power point)

Required Skills

Flexibility of schedule as this position demands off hours including: split, evening, overnight and weekend shifts
Ability to analyze situations and make decisions based on fact and experience
Ability to motivate a team and get buy-in to complete tasks as needed
Prioritize daily responsibilities and have strong self-starting skills and the ability to multi-task
Work in a variety of conditions (cold, hot, heights, wet, etc.)
Repetitive lifting (max 55lbs)
Extra points for former short stops and 3rd basemen. Our softball team could really use some help!