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Morgan Territory Brewing is hiring a Sales Rep

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  • Morgan Territory Brewing is hiring a Sales Rep

    Sales Rep/Brand Ambassador Responsibilities.
    • Job Summary:

    The primary responsibility is to manage and optimize MTB’s sales growth in the assigned Territory, while establishing MTB’s reputation as a premier craft brewery.
    • Territory:

    The territory included the following counties in California: Fresno, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Santa Clara
    • Managing Distribution in the Territory
      • Relationship With Distributor
        • Build strong,relationships with DP Sales Reps involved in the Territory
        • Be in contact with every relevant DP Sales Rep at least once a week
        • Schedule at least two “ride-alongs” each month. Cover the entire territory but focus on geography with the most growth potential.
        • Track MTB and DP warehouse inventory. Identify potential inventory shortfalls at DP and recommend DP orders for the Territory.
      • Develop Buyer Relationships
        • Developing strong relationships with buyer (and anyone who has influence with a buyer) is one of the most important keys to success. This applies to both on and off-premises accounts.
        • Buyers come in many different “flavors” and the sales approach must adapt accordingly. Note any unique but effective selling strategies for particular buyers in the CRM application.
        • Tastings with buyers and key influencers is essential to successful selling. MTB’s core beers should be exposed to any first-time customer. New beers should be sampled with buyers soon after they are released.
      • On-Premise Accounts
        • Note in the CRM whether MTB has a “permanent” taphandle(s) and whether the beer is constant or rotated.
        • If the on-premises account carries bottles and/or cans, sell them!
        • Push all new or existing accounts to stage events – e.g., tap takeovers.
        • Ensure (in conjunction with DP) that accounts have proper beer supply, tap handles, and related promotional collateral.
      • Off-Premise Accounts
        • General
          • Visit every off-premises chain store and high-volume bottle shop.
          • Provide a sales sheet of MTB cans and bottles to the buyer.
          • Make buyers aware of newly released beers and what is upcoming. Learn their preferences and note them in the CRM
          • Manage shelf life (in conjunction with DP) of all retail product.
        • MTB Product Placement
          • Always endeavor to have MTB displayed exclusively/primarily in refrigeration units.
          • Wherever beer is displayed, seek eye-level placement
          • Walk the store to see whether beer is displayed on the floor. If yes, solicit floor space and/or end caps for MTB product.
          • Ensure that MTB product fills its allocated space – arrange to fill from store inventory as necessary.
          • Check store inventory to determine whether reordering is necessary.
          • Arrange MTB product to be faced.
        • Tastings
          • Customer tastings are very effective in building brand awareness with the public. Undertake as many as possible and try to schedule tastings when the buyer is present, so they can witness customer reactions.
      • Beer Fests
        • Prioritize and select Beer Fests in which MTB participates, taking into primary consideration how such events will enhance MTB brand recognition within the Territory.
        • Arrange staffing, tenting, jockey boxes, signage, and ensure all requisite promotional material is available.
        • Wear MTB branded apparel
        • Follow sponsor guidelines associated with the event.
        • Given the nature of the event, and projected weather, give careful consideration in selecting the MTB beers to be served.
        • Check with management before committing to donate beer to events.
      • Routine/Daily Responsibilities
        • Check Email and Phone Messages: Check email every morning. Sales Representatives and Buyers will be constantly reaching out for product orders and samples.
        • Check Distributor Inventory. Check Delta Pacific’s MTB product inventory (via Encompass) before going out in the field. This determines what you can sell and will also indicate what samples need to be pulled for the week.
        • Pulling Samples.
        • Know Everything about MTB Beers being sold
        • Weekly Sales Call. As part of the weekly sales call, provide an up-to-date CRM file to the management team. This should include commentary regarding accounts visited, sales made, beer festivals, MTB events, and notes form the field – e.g., competition, issues with our products, what’s hot, what’s not, etc. Include a preview of events occurring in the immediate future
        • Email Lists. Develop e-mail lists for distributor(s) and customers. They will be used for elaborating upon current offerings, updates of future releases, and other MTB news of interest.
        • Time Management and Optimization.
    • Planning / Reporting Software Support
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM). MTB utilizes an Excel spreadsheet for this application. It contains separate, but linked databases for customers, contacts, and customer interaction. Contents of the CRM are the foundation of the sales conference call every week.
      • Distribution Dashboard. MTB uses an Excel spreadsheet for this application. At its heart is a database that merges distribution data from DP with MTB profitability analysis. That database can then be “sliced and diced” to get insights into sales volume and profitability by county, customer, beer, beer style, containers, etc. The Dashboard provides the most efficient mechanism for learning the territory and to monitor its evolution over time.
    • Skills Developement
      • Craft Beer Knowledge. Develop a deep knowledge of craft beer – styles, judging criteria, what’s hot, etc. The following links will be very helpful in this regard. Knowledge of MTB product is essential but increasing knowledge of all beer styles is also important.
      • Territory Knowledge
        • Develop a list of every licensed establishment in each county
        • Develop knowledge of the competitive landscape in the assigned territory, including prominent craft brand. Share this via the CRM application.
        • Make good use of the Distribution Dashboard.
    • Performance Evaluation Criteria
      • Distribution results measured in Gross Margin growth in each county.
      • Development of chain account volume.
      • New on and off-premises accounts.
      • Communication with MTB management team. Next to actual sales, we regard this as the most important attribute.
      • Effective use of support tools, including Distribution Dashboard, and CRM.
      • Completing Morgan Territory Brewing’s administrative requirements on time, including weekly CRM reports, CC expense descriptions, Bitrix calendars, and timely responses to email.
      • Relationship with DP reps
      • Enhancing MTB image in the field

    If interested please contact Michael