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Home Delivery and Out of State Sales Coordinator

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  • Home Delivery and Out of State Sales Coordinator

    This is a new hybrid position for our brewery. We are looking for a self-starter, who is motivated to grow and help us grow our business. We are currently looking for 20-30 hours a week, Tuesday-Saturday. We intend this position to become 40 hours a week. This position would be in charge of our online beer sale presence, including the delivery of all local orders and shipping out of territory orders. They would also help with regular wholesale deliveries. The home delivery orders receive tips, and there would be potential compensation for growth of the online sales channels.
    General Responsibilities:
    • Fulfill home delivery orders.
    • Manage dock sales and deliveries.
    • Track and retrieve empty keg shells from dock sales.
    • Pack and ship out of state orders.
    • Manage online ordering portals.
    • Send emails weekly detailing new beer releases.
    • Post on social media to help build sales.
    • Build sales avenues for home deliveries and out of state.
    • Manage online beer inventory.
    • Assist sales team with deliveries to wholesale accounts.
    • Deliveries to StormBreaker St. Johns location on Fridays and other days as needed.
    • Help with deliveries to Seattle, Bend, Eugene and other out of region deliveries, as necessary.
    • Pick up grain and other ingredient needs, as necessary.

    Secondary Responsibilities:
    • Help on canning days.
    • Organizing coolers.
    • Cleaning and Organizing storage spaces.
    • Help with company events.
    • Previous experience working in brewery preferred.
    • Computer Experience
    • Microsoft excel, word
    • Managing web portals, i.e. squarespace, mailchimp
    • Able to lift 150+ lbs
    • Must have reliable personal vehicle.
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Clean driving record
    Pay & Benefits
    • Hourly + Tips
    • Possibility for commission
    • Reimbursement for mileage
    • 401 K with 3% match
    • Free employee meal and drink per shift
    • Discounted food and beer off shift
    • See handbook for additional benefits
    please send resumes to