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Brand Marketing Manager - Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Athens, GA

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  • Brand Marketing Manager - Creature Comforts Brewing Co. Athens, GA





    We exist to foster human connection.


    We hope to build an industry-respected craft brewery that helps people navigate the beautiful and complex world of beer.


    Crave Curiosity - A curious mind leads to a better living

    Moderation Matters - In life as in beer, being balanced is best

    Be For People - Be inclusive. Advocate for equity. Extend Respect.

    Extend Kindness - Start with trust. No gossip. Give grace.

    Make It Better - Whether job or community, make it better. The best idea wins

    Leave A Legacy - Set up your successors for success



    The Brand Marketing Manager will be the steward for the Creature Comforts Brewing Company Core Family of Brands. This position is responsible for driving the development of Core Brands including collaboration on innovation, development of branding assets and permanent point of sale, and growing brands through the development of promotional campaigns and programming.

    1. Build and Develop Campaigns for Targeted Consumers and Cross-Functional Teams
    • Have an understanding of the various types of customers that are engaged in the Three Tier System. (Our Internal Sales Team, Distributors, Retailers, Consumers) and have the ability to manage 3 Marketing Campaigns Quarterly.
    • Have the ability to present Campaigns and Programming vision to our internal sales teams 6 Months ahead of activation date and have the ability to deliver completed programming to our sales and distributor teams 30 days in advance of their launch. Successfully launch each of our 2023 trade marketing campaigns.
    • Develop Brand messages, creative designs, point of sale which attracts consumers to our products.
    • Be a passionate representative of Creature, bring energy and excitement to your team and the business relationships you engage with!
    • Participate in Marketing Events as needed, supporting the efforts of the overall Marketing Team
    2. Understand and Engage with our Community of Stakeholders
    • (1) Engage with 100 retailers by 12.31.23 - A general goal to better understand the Market landscape in which our business operates. Compare our products to competitors, learn tactics and develop consumer insights both from our B to B and B to C consumer segments. Ensure our programming is not only relevant but best in class, work in tandem with our Sales Team on these market visits.
    • (2) Futher collaborate deeply with our Commercial Sales Team and Internal Crossfunctional Teams, presenting Campaigns, Programming in Monthly, and Quarterly meetings. Be Notably Present, if Virtual, participate on Camera and make your voice heard.
    • (3) Maintain relationships with our community of Stakeholders, work collaboratively with vendors, 3rd party agencies, reach out to new and existing partners.
    3. Identify and Project Lead the Development of Content, Focused Primarily on Market Activation
    • Identify needs and manage trafficking for Creative Marketing Activation Content
    • Maintain our Digital Asset Manager and provide training and support to the CST, Cross-functional, 3rd Party Designers and Distributor Teams.
    • Work collaboratively with our Communication and Digital Teams to execute Campaigns and Programming; Including but not limited to Featured Content on Web, Social Content, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Programmatic Digital Advertising, Social Media Advertising.
    • Maintain a catalog of Point of Sale Items as items are developed
    • Identify market needs and develop programming through the analysis of data, trade experts, various reporting tools

    • Stronger Together – Support your fellow Creatures, overcome obstacles, celebrate success.
    • Have a Love of Beer and Beverage – and the power of community it can build.
    • Keep Learning - Insights come from anyone and anywhere.
    • Always Authentic – In representing the brand, and ourselves
    • Stay Fresh - Set trends. Success rides on originality.
    • On Guard - Protect the brand without creating barriers.
    • Focus on the key drivers of our business – People!
    To view open positions, please visit


    At Creature Comforts Brewing Co, we work hard to create a culture that activates our values. One of the ways we do this is through our commitment to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. We make employment decisions by removing bias or prejudice against any employee or applicant’s race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

    Once you join our family, we ensure that each person feels safe and included through our value of Extending Kindness. As a commitment to our value of Extending Kindness, Creature Comforts prohibits discrimination or harassment of any kind.

    Come just as you are…crave curiosity & pursue your passions with us!
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    At Creature Comforts Brewing Co, we work hard to create a culture that embodies our values. We ensure that each person feels safe and included through our value of Extending Kindness.