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  • Lab Technician / Quality Manager

    This independent craft brewery operates under the banner “Mastery knows no shortcut” and demands excellence in all aspects of its operation.
    SingleCut is seeking a Quality Manager / Lab Technician to lead the quality program at its “North” facility. Recognizing that quality is everywhere in production brewing, SingleCut aims to fill this position with a candidate who will continue and grow the culture of quality that is cultivated starting in the brewhouse and follows the beer as it develops in the cellar and finally matures to be packaged.
    The SingleCut brewery was founded in Astoria, Queens in 2012 with the mission to create original hop-driven beer with an East-Coast style that is identifiable and distinguishable from all others by its NYC interpretation.
    SingleCut has gained a loyal following throughout the East-Coast’s most respected markets. Growth outpaced capacity and in 2018 SingleCut began producing beers in its newly acquired production brewery in Clifton Park, NY known as SingleCut North. A team of brewing and packaging professionals produce SingleCut beers and brews for select brewing clients adhering to the highest standards of quality and consistency.
    This will be an exciting time to join the brewery as we continue to increase production of SingleCut beer and grow our client base of smaller breweries that we help with production supplementing their capacity.

    Quality Manager Position Summary

    The Quality Manager is responsible for developing and executing the quality control and quality assurance programs for the brewery. This critical team member provides quality guidance to the entire production, packaging and taproom staff and supports the rest of the team in running a successful brewery.
    Reports to Brewery Operations Manager

    Work Requirements

    • Maintain and manage a comprehensive Quality Control Plan and Quality Assurance Plan
    • Maintain adequate records of quality data to trace batches linked to any customer complaints
    • Prepare microbiological media and interpret plating results
    • Conduct microbiological testing for beer spoilers in wort, in-process beer, finished beer and various rinse water samples
    • Execute and interpret PCR assays
    • Identify presence of beer spoilers, assess level of risk and propose steps for mitigation
    • Maintain records of canning line cleaning and sanitizing
    • Maintain brewhouse and cellar records
    • Maintain seam check records• Conduct sensory analysis, including VDK and other off flavors
    • Help manage and propagate yeast
    • Measure yeast abundance and viability by microscopy
    • Organize and maintain retained beer collection
    • Maintain and calibrate laboratory instruments such as a pH meter
    • Certify pre-run cleaning and sanitizing of canning line using tools such as ATP swab
    • Provide feedback on package fill levels and package dO2 to the can line operator
    • Halt packaging when quality specifications are not being met
    • Communicate quality concerns to brewing and packaging teams
    • Maintain a neat and clean laboratory
    • Assist with other production functions and support as needed
    • Contribute to problem solving in the brewery with knowledge of commercial beer production and packaging
    • Add to the team culture
    Credentials and Experience
    • Bachelor’s Degree in food science, microbiology, chemistry or other related field
    • Minimum of 2 years of experience in brewing or food & beverage manufacturing
    • Professional brewing education preferred (e.g. Siebel Institute, American Brewers Guild, University of California – Davis, VLB Berlin) however SingleCut will provide online courses should hire require brewing education
    • TTB Chemist certification a plus


    • Interpret fermentation curves
    • Measure and interpret package dissolved oxygen
    • Understand industrial cleaning and sanitizing for beverage production
    • Manage time, prioritize tasks and complete projects
    • Manage crises
    • Tolerate pandemonium
    • Scale benchtop results to production scale
    • Supervise and lead coworkers
    • Speak and write clearly
    • Work fluently with Microsoft Office and Google suites
    • Maintain an optimistic, self-motivated, positive attitude
    • Work as part of a team
    • Enjoy a Sunday stroll out of China Town, through Little Italy, past Washington Square, eventually arriving at Sheep Meadow
    • Take initiative, act promptly and be proactive
    • Appreciate quality beer of all styles

    Physical & Working Conditions

    • Ability to lift up to 50lbs
    • Ability to stay seated at a desk for extended periods of time, as well as ability to stand, move around and climb ladders
    • Work space has a moderate to loud noise level found in a manufacturing environment
    • Work space can include areas that are wet and non-temperature controlled
    • Hazards require use of personal protective equipment, including safety glasses, safety toe footwear, nitrile gloves and face covering in the absence of social distancing

    SingleCut North offers a fulfilling and positive working environment, as well as benefits. We are keen to fill this position quickly and wish all applicants the best of luck.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $59,000.00 to $69,000.00 /year

    Pls email
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    Job has been filled thanks once again ProBrewer and community!