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    REPORTS TO: 111 Brewery Production Manager

    LOCATION: Marble Brewery- 111 Marble Ave NW Albuquerque, NM 87102


    SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION: The Inventory Analyst is responsible for the ongoing procurement and management of raw materials, packaging materials, chemicals and miscellaneous supplies or machine parts in such a way as to facilitate maximizing production in the brewery. The Inventory Analyst must forecast material inventory needs and procure and manage delivery logistics of all items required for packaging and distributing beer in volume and on time.

    • In consultation with the 111 Brewery Production Manager and sales team, develop an inventory forecast that results in sufficient on-hand/on-time inventory of brewing and packaging materials and raw materials for scheduled brewing and packaging runs.
    • Refine inventory reorder points for grains, hops, adjunct ingredients, packaging materials, raw materials, chemicals and miscellaneous supplies based on historical sales and future growth estimates supplied by the sales team.
    • Place purchase orders with suppliers according to current lead times and advise management of any issues with suppliers for resolution assistance.
    • Coordinate the on-time delivery of brewing and packaging material and raw materials and miscellaneous supplies from external vendors and off-site warehouse (e.g., BSG, YCH, Fidelitone and Marble-controlled off-site storage).
    • Aid packaging operators with the procurement of necessary supplies.
    • Improve purchasing procedures including the development of a purchase requisition/order database and inventory receipt verification.
    • Perform monthly inventory counts including reporting variances to management and adjusting Ekos inventory to verified count.
    • Utilize the GroupMe app or other designated group communication tool to facilitate efficient communication across the entire brewery team.

    • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, statistics, project management or significant experience in procurement and inventory and warehouse management.
    • Ability to think critically and solve problems.
    • Objective-oriented, focused, individual who needs little direction or supervision; energy and enthusiasm are critical.
    • Excellent planner and organizer.
    • Technology proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and comfortability using database and spreadsheet applications.
    • Excellent communication skills, particularly verbal, including strong presentation skills.

    WORKING CONDITIONS: This is a self-directed position that requires the employee to efficiently accomplish the primary objectives independently and with very little day-to-day supervision. The Inventory Analyst will analyze current packaging needs and ingredients and determine what to procure or order and when to do so to ensure sufficient inventory of materials and supplies necessary to package and ship beer to Marble Brewery’s distributors and off-site tap rooms. This job requires a Monday – Friday business day schedule but may include some evening and weekend work, including festival and special events.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The Inventory Analyst should be able to lift, and be comfortable lifting, cases and kegs of beer and boxes of supplies, be proficient in operating powered industrial trucks (automated and manual pallet jacks, forklifts) and in using a hand truck and to lift heavy objects on a regular basis and standing for extended periods. A portion of this job will be computer based and a portion of this job will require physical work.