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  • Quality Control/Lab Technician

    JOB TITLE: Quality Control/Lab Technician

    REPORTS TO: 111 Brewery Production Manager

    SUMMARY JOB DESCRIPTION: The Quality Control/Lab Technician is responsible for managing all facets of the Marble Brewery laboratory and the quality control program at the 111 Marble Brewery facility. Inherent in this responsibility is managing the laboratory and its equipment and supplies in such a way as to enable the success of Marble’s quality control program to ensure only the highest quality beer is produced and packaged.

    • Maintaining all yeast cultures through accurate and timely testing procedures designed to detect contamination and viability of the culture.
    • Responsible for monitoring all active fermentations and performing quality control tests at various times as is necessary to ensure beer is made to all applicable specifications.
    • Using lab equipment to perform microbiological plating as necessary to identify yeast activity and cell count or to identify contamination.
    • Taking and tracking readings of dissolved oxygen content in the beer at the various stages of fermentation and packaging.
    • Preparing a weekly quality report to be distributed to and reviewed with the brewery management team on a weekly basis.
    • Tracking and analyzing quality control data to identify trends and patterns and suggest improvements in brewery processes.
    • Regularly communicate to the entire brewery team issues that arise or problems that are discovered so that corrective action can be taken in a timely manner. Demonstrate problem-solving skills and work to increase the production of quality beer.
    • Develop new skills and learn new processes as necessary and as technology is developed or introduced that will enable more accurate quality control in the beer making process (e.g., statistical process control; new testing machinery or processes).
    • Utilize the GroupMe app or other designated group communication tool to facilitate efficient communication across the entire brewery team.

    • Experience in a laboratory or quality control environment.
    • A passion for and knowledge of the quality control process.
    • Objective-oriented, focused, individual who is a self-starter but who can also accept direction; energy and enthusiasm are critical.
    • Excellent planner and organizer.
    • Technology proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and comfortability using mobile sales applications.
    • Excellent communication skills, particularly verbal, including strong presentation skills.
    WORKING CONDITIONS: This is a self-directed position that requires the employee to efficiently accomplish the primary objectives independently and with very little day-to-day supervision. The Quality Control/Lab Technician will often work alone but will sometimes work on teams to understand issues, troubleshoot problems and learn new techniques and processes related to producing quality craft beer. This job does require set hours and days and the work week will overlap with other Quality Control/Lab Technicians to ensure continuity throughout the production week.

    PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The Quality Control/Lab Technician should be able to and be comfortable with climbing ladders and stairs, lifting and carrying containers of beer or chemicals, using a microscope, working around chemicals, using a hand truck and lifting heavy objects on a regular basis and standing for extended periods doing repetitive tasks such as distilling or sampling.