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  • Beer Buyer - Global Craft Trading

    Job Title:
    Beer Buyer

    Global Craft Trading, Inc.

    Wilmington, CA

    Global Craft Trading, a leading export distributor of American craft beer, is seeking a proactive individual to join our small but quickly growing team. This position will be part of a fast paced, busy office and will be a key member from the beginning.
    Please send a resume and cover letter to explaining your long-lived yearning to join Global Craft and buy lots of awesome beer.

    We are looking for someone detail-oriented, methodical, and able to sling Excel documents like nobody’s business.
    Most companies call this purchasing or procurement, we call it beer buying. This individual needs to be excited about the chance to buy heaps of craft beer, be willing to talk to importers internationally about craft beer to help them build orders, and be an all-around stellar desk jockey. We are looking for a closer - someone who can proactively take on tasks that need to be done and see them through until they are closed correctly. And did we mention strong organizational skills? Yes, we need those too.

    Necessary Skills and Experience:

    Likes and drinks craft beer
    Bachelor's degree
    Stellar communication
    Excel-slinging skills and general computer proficiency
    Willingness to be molded into a wonderful beer buyer

    How To Apply:
    Please send your resume and cover letter to

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    Are there any job openings available at the moment? I would be interested to apply.
    Also see