Job Title: Packaging Operator and Technician
Reports To: Chief of Brewery Operations and Head Brewer

Position Summary

True North Ale Company is offering the role of Packaging Operator and Technician to be involved in all facets of our packaging operations. Primary duties will be concentrated in packaging, including can filling, keeping inventory of packaging materials, routine preventative maintenance on our canning line and keg washer, all with strict adherence to our safety and quality standards. Secondary duties include warehouse organization, loading and unloading of trucks, and maintaining a safe and clean brewing facility. Applicants for this position should expect to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and up to 12 hours a day in accordance with the production schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

Primarily responsible for packaging operations and packaging material acquisition:
Operation of Palmer canning line with adherence to strict quality standards
CIP of canning line following proper SOP
Preventative maintenance of packaging equipment
Acquiring and maintaining a par for all packaging materials
Assisting the Chief of Brewery Operations in development of SOPs relevant to packaging operations
Coordination with the Head Brewer and Chief of Brewery Operations with regards to packaging schedule
Control the packaging materials inventory
Coordination with Chief of Business Operations with regards to packaging allocations and keg cleaning schedule

Secondary responsibilities include:
Operating the forklift to transport materials, kegs, and pallets of cans
Truck unloading of raw materials and loading of finished product with forklift
Contribution to detailed data tracking in all operations
Coordination with fellow operators in all departments, offering assistance when needed
Frequent problem solving
Maintaining a clean, sanitary, safe, and positive work environment
Apply best safety practices including knowledge of and compliance with all SOPs and GMPs


Stellar work-ethic
Mechanical aptitude is essential
Knowledge and passion with respect to the brewing process is preferred; or demonstrated aptitude to respond to training
Forklift certification / experience is preferred
Previous brewery, commercial beverage production, or other industrial experience is a plus
Brewery education is a plus

Working Conditions

Operate in hot, cold, loud, and/or wet environments
Handling concentrated chemicals in accordance with safety procedures
Inconsistent work schedule, including overtime, in accordance with production needs

Physical Requirements

Must be able to stand for the entire shift, up to 12 hours
Consistently lift and carry 25 lbs
Stoop, kneel, bend in confined spaces where required
Frequent washing of hands
Consistently able to use repetitive hand and wrist motion

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