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Cellar Director/ QC Manager- For New Production Brewery just outside Williamsport, PA

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  • Cellar Director/ QC Manager- For New Production Brewery just outside Williamsport, PA

    We are a new brewery opening in Spring of 2020 among the beautiful mountains of Central Pennsylvania, and we are looking for an experienced Cellar Director. We are a new 50,000sq. ft. production brewery and contract-brewing facility located in Jersey Shore, PA— just outside the city of Williamsport, and less than 1 hour east of State College and Penn State University. We are looking to begin interviewing candidates for our foundational management team as we prepare for operations to begin in Spring of 2020. We will operate a 30bbl 4-vessel NSI system, brewing into 15 bbl, 30 bbl, 60 bbl, 90 bbl, and 120 bbl fermenters.

    The Cellar Director will be responsible for the daily management, execution, and oversight of all cellar processes, yeast propagation and management, basic lab work and QC control, centrifuge operations, dry-hopping and hop management, and the overall planning of production. This role is critical to the success and consistency of our brewing facility, and will work closely with our Director of Brewing Operations (already in-place), Brewing team, and the entire management team. The Cellar Director will also be responsible for ongoing management of cellar staff on a day-to-day basis. We are looking for applicants who have significant experience working in a similarly sized brewery in a similar role. This is NOT an entry-level position. It's an excellent opportunity for someone willing and interested in developing themselves professionally within an exciting new brewery.

    Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
    - At least 5 years of experience working in breweries.
    - Must have a deep understanding of brewing philosophy, and process flow.
    - At least 2 years experience as a Cellar Manager or a QC Manager.
    - Must have a High School Diploma. Those with microbiology or engineering degrees will NOT be given preference without the above hands-on
    experience as well.
    - Experience operating electric and propane forklifts and/or the ability to learn safe operations of same.
    - Significant mechanical aptitude with the ability to troubleshoot basic mechanical and electrical systems.
    - High standards for quality, attention to detail, and cleanliness. Must work clean!
    - Clear and well-developed communication skills and strong ability to work in a team and/or independent environment.
    - Experience reading and interpreting documents such as brewery SOPs, brew logs, etc.
    - Ability to meet the physical challenges of working in a production brewery.
    - Knowledge of chemicals used in packaging operations/cleaning cycles and how to handle and use them safely.
    - Proficient at yeast management procedures including cell density and viability counts, yeast harvesting and propagating.
    - Experience working successfully with mixed cultures and wild yeasts.
    - Competent skills and experience with MS Excel, Google Drive, and brewery management software.
    - Ability to work unsupervised while maintaining safety and quality standards.
    - Self-motivated and dependable with good time management skills and serious critical thinking abilities.
    - Be prepared to have self-accountability and to be held to team accountability as well.
    - Ability to work under pressures of rapidly fluctuating schedules and meet deadlines.
    - Ability to work in a diverse team environment and to leave the Egos outside of the workplace.
    - Extremely strong organizational skills.
    - Must have a positive attitude and want to be a part of a team that truly works together, not just talk about it.

    Other Required/ Desired Abilities and Philosophies:
    - An innate drive to expand skill sets and to gain new knowledge.
    - The objectivity to know the things you do not know and take direction when necessary.
    - A work ethic which does not require constant re-motivation.
    - A creative outlook and approach to solving problems and generating new ideas— we don't want robots!
    - The ability to lift 25kg over your head
    - The ability to lift 80kg to waist level
    - The ability to push/pull 80kg on the ground
    - The rare ability to be truly organized and to return every tool or piece of equipment back to the exact place you found it.

    This is a full time position that includes an extremely competitive salary and benefits package (health, dental, vision, possible equity, beer perks, etc). If interested please send Resume and answers to the following questions in an email to

    1. What are your 3 favorite beers and why?
    2. Who is Ron Jeffries and why should we care? (If you don't know and you use Google to find out, I'll know!)
    3. What cartoon is best to watch in a damp brewery at midnight? (there are only a few correct answers!)
    4. If you could only use one hop for the rest of your life, what variety would it be?
    5. How do you feel about the nihilistic-fatalism spawned by the ever-spiraling void of modern human culture?
    6. What bands are best to listen to while graining-out, and what bands are the best to listen to while cropping yeast?!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
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    Good Beer, man.

    still open to applicants


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      We are still actively accepting resumes for this position.