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Short's Brewing Company - Filler Operator Position

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  • Short's Brewing Company - Filler Operator Position

    Short's Brewing Company (Elk Rapids MI) is now accepting applications for filler operator. Please Review the job description below and send cover letter and resume to

    Position: Bottling Line Operator
    Job Summary: To ensure the quality of our packaged product through effective management of our packaging operations.
    Essential Functions
    * Coordinate with Plant manager to bottle and package of beer according to production schedule.
    * Operate bottling line.
    * Oversee all processes and packaging operations.
    * Able to troubleshoot and fix mechanical problems with bottling/packaging line (and related) equipment.
    * Recognize low fills and improperly filled/packaged product.
    * Ensure quality of the finished product is up to par with Short's Quality Standards.
    * Attendance and punctuality -- doing everything possible to ensure the bottling schedule stays on track.
    * Know proper and safe operations of every machine on the packaging line. Follow all safety rules.
    * Be able to locate Start on Stop buttons including emergency stops on every machine.
    * Work as a team.
    * Ensure the cleanliness of all packaging equipment & packaging area.
    * Ensure all packaging materials are stocked.
    * Assist all other packaging employees in their daily task to ensure that packaging continues in a smooth fashion.
    * Make Plant Manager immediately aware of any process and or packaging problems, or any machine malfunction.
    * Deal with all problems in a calm professional manner.
    * Work with all other departments to form a more unified company.
    Preferred qualifications:
    *Previous experience as filler operator or mechanic in an industrial/plant operation. Experience with a rotary pressure/counter pressure filler.
    *Previous experience in the brewing industry.
    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
    * Good communication skills
    * Strong mechanical aptitude
    * Good observation and analytical skills
    * Ability to accurately follow instructions and take direction
    * Ability to respond to frequently changing production pressures
    * Ability to work effectively and cohesively within the production department
    * Ability to work with a diverse group of people
    Working Conditions:

    This position requires the ability to work in a fast paced environment on their feet for over eight hours at a time, repeatedly lift 55lbs to shoulder height, and work in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time, in a wet and loud production environment, with chemicals of varying composition. This job requires a person who is able to be on time for work every day and who will not miss work.