Do you have a deep need to learn the ins and outs of avoiding and/or caring for chemical burns?
Are you looking for a job that doesn't give you nearly as much free beer as you'd think it would?
In other words... do you wanna be a brewer?

Well if so, we've got news* for you: we're hiring! There's a lot of ins and outs and whathaveyou that come along with this, so read on (and one of the top qualities we look for is "detail oriented," so read it good).

Anyway. We're hiring a production assistant. No experience required. And if you've ever talked to a professional brewer before, they'll usually make a crack about how the overwhelming majority of brewery work is just janitorial work, and then everybody has a good laugh. Only that's not a joke, and most of that is gonna fall on the new kid (which could be you!).

On a related note, if you ask a Real Live Brewer how to break into the industry, they will usually give you one of two pieces of advice (which, upon closer inspection, are basically rephrasings of the same thing):
  1. You probably don't want to do that.
  2. It's a job. Like, a hard, gross, dangerous, dirty, stressful, tiring job. It doesn't pay that well and it'll wear you out and as a general rule it doesn't impress women. And while there is limited, almost tangential drinking involved in this job, it's pretty limited since you'll be working with things that can hurt you very badly.

But we digress. On to the nitty gritty.

Job duties:
  • Miscellaneous cleaning, including but not limited to: floors, drains, walls, outsides of brewing vessels, grain mill, outside areas
  • Moving and organizing kegs
  • Unloading and putting away deliveries
  • Cleaning and sanitizing kegs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing brewing equipment
  • Note taking
Requirements for Applicants:
  • Able to lift 55# to at least shoulder height (ideally able to lift 75-150# to waist height, but not a requirement).
  • Able to work while standing for extended periods of time.
  • Able to work while crouching or squatting for long periods of time.
  • Able to withstand high ambient temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • Able to manipulate small objects repeatedly without issue.
  • 21+, US citizen or US resident legally allowed to work in the US.
  • Flexible hours.

Tips and Tricks:
Since it can be tough to know exactly who an employer is looking for, we'll do what we can to point you in the right direction. But the short version of the story is: it's close quarters here, and it's hot and sweaty and frustrating at times, so we're looking for somebody who can jump into that situation and do their job well (as in, detail oriented and following instructions exactly) without being a total goober about it. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, here are some other things to consider:
  • List any skills you have that might maybe be applicable, particularly anything mechanical, construction-related, food-industry and/or sanitation related, or pertaining to chemistry/biology. You don't need to be a licensed plumber to scrub our drains (and honestly, you'll make a lot more money as a plumber), but practically everything here is DIY and we try to draw from a wide range of skillsets. TIPS trained? Forklift certified? Know CPR? Good at knitting? Let us know!
  • Homebrewing experience is worth mentioning, but isn't necessarily a pro or a con (knowledge of the beermaking process is good, the ego that can come with it isn't).
  • Tell us your favorite beer and/or brewery, other than ours.
  • Don't bother including resume-padding stuff like "proficient in all Microsoft Word applications." We kinda assume that, and also we don't care.
  • Make sure you get the name of our brewery right in your cover letter. You'd be surprised how many people don't.

How to Apply
Send your resume and cover letter to us (Liz and Jared) at with "I wanna scrub your floors" as the subject line.

* You'll notice I didn't say it was good news per se.