Been to Delco? Just south of Philly?
You should have by now.
Minimally for top shelf- award winning beer and great pizza.

2SP Brewing Company is looking for a dynamic and experienced beer scientist to direct the growth of our quality lab.
We are seeking an upbeat, forward-thinking, and highly analytical Quality Manager to assure and control the highest possible quality standards for all 2SP Brewing Company products.

Key areas of accountability include-
Microbiological Quality Assurance (QA) / Quality Control (QC)
Chemical Analytics
Yeast Management
Fermentation Management
Sensory Analysis Panels

Lead the daily activities of the department, including, but not limited to:

Develop and improve existing standards and quality targets.
Assure effective communication interdepartmentally, ensuring adequate and appropriate information flow.
Develop and follow SOPs to elevate process control standards.
Work POSITIVELY & DAILY with production staff as well as effectively leading quality initiatives.

Other Requirements:

Ability to operate with minimal supervision
Minimum two (2) years beverage industry lab experience
Bachelors degree Biology/Chemistry/Food Science or related field

Example checklist of daily/weekly responsibilities/expectations

 Yeast maintenance and propagation including (but not limited to) counting for pitching, analyzing vitality and sustaining usable pitches for 10+ generations.
 Microbiology experience especially related to beer spoiling yeasts and bacteria.
 Good laboratory technique including mastery of aseptic technique.
 Adherence to and maintenance of standard operating procedures.
 Ability to track, decipher and analyze QC results and come up with solutions.
 Data management as it relates to yeast, microbial concerns, beer physical properties.
 Experience testing dissolved oxygen from fermenters to packaging
 Leadership on Sensory evaluations conducted weekly.
 Understanding of brewing raw material and processes. Previous brewing and/or production experience preferred.
 Familiarity or proficiency with good manufacturing practices & food safety for craft brewers
 Maintenance of lab equipment and facilities.
 Management over lab materials and ability to work with vendors to order materials inclusive of Tracking of all lab orders.
 Microsoft Office suite experience required.
 Ability to self-instruct.
 Good interpersonal skills.
 Willingness to learn, innovate and grow the lab program over time.
 Highly effective oral and communication skills
 Multitasking skills required.

Salary and Benefits
Base salary $41,600
PTO 5 days annually
Typical M-F 830-430 schedule w once monthly Sat counts needed
Health benefits, w vision and dental
The beer is amazing.
Closed most major holidays.
Looking to place position immediately.

Michael Stiglitz directly to set up interview.
302-300-0603 - text or call