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Packaging Lead at Rogue Ales and Spirits

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  • Packaging Lead at Rogue Ales and Spirits

    The Packaging Lead is responsible for the efficient and safe operation of all associated equipment with the assigned packaging line in addition to management of all personnel assigned to that line. Packaging Lead communicates needs to Techs that work at various stations on the packaging line. The Lead completes all packaging paperwork and communicates with other shift Leads regarding work completed and changeover. The Lead communicates maintenance needs to Maintenance team in a timely manner.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities
    • Ensure Quality Control measures are met at line start up and throughout the production run
    • Communicate specific needs to Packaging Techs during the setup, operation and cleanup of
      packaging area and packaging line
    • Ensure proper equipment use, and PPE for all staff on assigned shift.
    • Tracks inventory levels of consumable supplies.
    • Monitor the preventative maintenance program with Maintenance.
    • Track and record all daily line downtime and ensure that information is accurate and complete.
    • Conducts basic packaging QC checks for daily production runs.
    • Assist in developing and updating line packaging procedures with Packaging Manager
    • Knowledge and understanding of all SOPs and SDSs
    • Promote teamwork with all packaging personnel.
    • Direct staff questions or concerns to supervisor as necessary.
    • Delivers daily end of shift paperwork with all pertinent information
    If you are interested in applying or learning more about the position, please visit the following link: