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Flavor Master and Beverage Quality Technician

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  • Flavor Master and Beverage Quality Technician

    Flavor Master and Beverage Quality Technician. – Fermented Beverage Industry

    Are you passionate about craft cocktails? Craft or Health focused beverages? If culinary and beverage creativity keeps you up at night, look no further, you may have found your dream job.
    As a Flavorist and Quality Technician, you will be leading the charge in the creation of a wide array of craft beverages for brands throughout the country. Our team currently produces some of the east coast’s newest emerging brands in kombucha, NA and Low Alcohol Beer as well as other fermented RTD beverages. In this position you will be directly involved in the R&D and Quality Control of emerging and existing products, while providing technical expertise to the customer and production staff daily.
    Main objectives-
    • Creating new, innovative beverage products to exceed client expectations and launch in the consumer marketplace.
    • Proactively experiment with new products and ingredients based on industry trends and prepare for presentation to new clients and buyers.
    • Research and develop new ingredients and technologies for advancing and improving product offering and in-house capabilities.
    • Manage, organize, and facilitate the full operation of the beverage development lab to meet company goals and objectives.
    • Continually advance your learning to understand the microbiology of beverage creation and food safety processes.
    • Work with Production and Sales to develop scalability and production models to replicate developed products.
    • Perform Lab test including checking Ph level, Brix and Alcohol levels of products at different stages of production.
    Additional Duties
    • Advises and aids other departments such as Production, Purchasing and Sales etc. as part of cross-functional teams
    • Report to VP Product development and acts as a liaison to Sales Manager and Customers.
    Skills Requirement
    • Extensive knowledge in creation of culinary and beverage products with the use of juices, herbs, extracted flavors, distilled spirits to meet customer requests & project guidelines.
    • Must have 1 - 2 years of experience working in a Food production industry along with a mid-level experience of Microsoft Office – Word, Excel
    Please apply to