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  • Packaging Technician - San Diego

    By operating a variety of equipment, the Packaging Technician is responsible for the preparation and packaging of final goods for delivery to the customer.

    Essential Functions & Duties

    The Packaging Technician is responsible for one or more of the following tasks:

    Responsible for dividing master yeast vessels into small strips of yeast (either 1.5L or 2L in size).
    Reviews daily work report to ensure understanding of which vessels need to be processed.
    Utilizes divider table to homogenize yeast in master vessel to ensure product consistency.
    Ensures 1.5L and 2L strips contain the correct volume of yeast prior to sealing.
    Verifies integrity of vessels through visual inspection, notifying management of any concerns.
    Calibrates, cleans and makes minor repairs/adjustments to the Divider as needed.
    Scans finished yeast strips into inventory once complete.

    Pure Pitch Professional
    Visually inspects all yeast strips prior to processing to ensure product integrity.
    Utilizes F3P sealer to create 1.5L and Nano sized PurePitch.
    Skins to final product and ensures proper labeling.
    Performs routine preventative maintenance, including bands and Teflon tape to ensure equipment functions properly.
    Utilizes Netsuite ERP software to complete traveler to ensure movement through the production process.

    Pure Pitch Home Brew
    Visually inspects and weighs homebrew yeast strips to ensure compliance with company standards.
    Operates the waffler machine to separate yeast strips into individual 40ml homebrew packets.
    Selects appropriate strain on the Quick Pouch printer to ensure proper labeling of product.
    Inserts 40ml homebrew packets into Quick Pouch for final skinning and labeling.
    Performs routine preventative maintenance on Quick Pouch and/or Waffler to ensure proper equipment function.

    Transfers bulk nutrient and enzymes into retail packaging and ensure proper volume levels.
    Dilutes enzymes to proper levels prior to final packaging.
    Labels and seals final retail packaging in accordance with company policy.

    Traditional Homebrew (vials)
    Pours yeast into vials according to standard operating procedure.
    Utilizes pneumatic capper to tighten all vials caps according to required specification.
    Organizes vial supply in cold box according to strain and utilizing FIFO inventory method.
    Traditional Professional Packaging
    Packages/pours commercial brewery orders into carboys that are too large to be in PurePitch.
    Pours yeast blends in accordance with company policy and customer preference.
    Ensures cell count information along with all proper labeling is included and attached to order.
    Prints and attaches all certificate of quality sheets and includes with orders.

    Wild Yeast/Bacteria
    Packages/pours commercial brewery orders.
    Seals and labels orders in accordance with company policy.
    Attaches all proper documentation to orders including certificate of quality sheets and cell counts.
    Pours blends of multiple strains to meet customer requests.

    Additional Responsibilities
    Performs daily cleaning of work area and equipment, including operation of floor cleaner.
    Follows all safety protocols and brings any concerns to the attention of management.

    High School Diploma or equivalent.
    1+ year experience in a manufacturing/warehouse/shipping environment a plus.
    Ability to read and follow SOPs and order invoices.
    Ability to perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance a plus.
    Works well independently and cooperatively with others.
    Flexible schedule to accommodate Packaging department needs.
    Physical Demands

    Time spent conducting sedentary work is less than 10%. Requires walking, standing, and/or driving for more than 90% of the workday. Position requires good hand dexterity and vision. Lifting objects in excess of 50 pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing 25 pounds or more.

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