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Canning Line Manager for Raze Energy in Longwood, FL

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  • Canning Line Manager for Raze Energy in Longwood, FL

    Canning Line Manager
    The canning line operator is a core position for the success of our manufacturing process.

    This position is responsible for the operation and management of all canning machinery in relation to sleeving, filling, and case packing our carbonated energy drinks and the staff associated with all beverage production shifts.

    This position also includes filling, formulating, and carbonating liquid tanks. Experience is desired from other canning companies like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Budweiser, Anheuser Busch, or any other major company that has high volume canning lines.


    Responsible for start-up, operation, change over, shut down, and preventative maintenance of assigned canning production equipment.
    Develop strong management KPIs and management metrics to drive efficient, high output performance.
    Build and strengthen current shift employees and leads.
    Reduce waste and turnover times for all shifts.
    Read, Understand, and Follow instructions and procedures
    Provide reports to upper-level management on daily work progresses
    Document procedures and repairs in accordance to FDA and GDP procedures
    Maintain equipment to achieve optimum functionality and minimal downtime
    Perform general upkeep of workspace.
    Comply with good manufacturing practices, safety, and audit standards
    Required Skills:

    Management / Team Building
    Technical and mechanic skillset required
    Food and Beverage experience is a must
    Must have the ability to constructively interact with others to resolve issues and improve the operation
    Must be a strong team player and motivated problem solver
    Preferred Lean Sigma training
    Keen Attention to Detail
    No Task Too Small Attitude
    Must be able to lift 50lbs
    Must be able to stand for prolonged periods
    Must be able to stay late / work overtime when needed

    Please forward your Resume to

    Thank you.