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Lab/Cellar Technician - Sudwerk Brewing Company - Davis CA

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  • Lab/Cellar Technician - Sudwerk Brewing Company - Davis CA

    Lab/Cellar Technician Job Description

    Reports to: Head Brewer

    Non-exempt position

    Full Time, Hourly

    Strong potential for growth in brewing operations


    As a Lab technician, you will be responsible for doing regularly scheduled testing of the product in various steps during it’s production, while maintaining a clean and organized lab. These test will include raw ingredients sampling, wort and yeast analysis, green beer analysis, bright beer specification assurance, packaged beer stability, and finished product quality analysis. In conjunction with the duties in the lab, you will work in tandem with the production schedule and grow into the many roles of the cellar technician. These roles include tank cleaning, sanitizing and purging, beer transfers, beer filtration, and beer packaging. All work will be based on the production plan.

    • Maintain a clean and organized lab
    • Perform scheduled lab tests based on the production plan
    • Schedule quality tastings, collect and report data
    • Interpret and report findings of lab tests to the Head Brewer in a timely manner
    • Update production and quality logs accurately and timely
    • Communicate with the team about tasks and information
    • Grow into cellar tasks including tank cleaning, beer transfer, beer filtration and beer packaging
    • Be flexible; work with a team mindset
    • Adhering to state health and safety practices
    • Perform other related duties, tasks and responsibilities as required, assigned and directed.

    Qualifications and Experience
    • Excellent communication skills are required
    • Bachelor’s degree in science or food related discipline or an comparable eduction specific to laboratory work is required
    • Previous experience in a laboratory is preferred
    • Previous experience in a brewery of manufacturing environment is preferred
    • Ability to work alone as well as in small team and/or groups
    • Ability to lift heavy items up to 55 lbs throughout the 8 hr work day.

    • Pay is commensurate with experience
    • Paid time off
    • Health, Dental and Vision benefits
    • 401k with 4% matching
    • Employee Discount Program

    Send cover letter and resume to