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    SJS Canning Line Operator

    San Juan Seltzer is a high-growth leader in the spiked seltzer category. The company has recently invested in a state-of-the-art filling and packaging system and seeks a new operator to operate the filling equipment and work with the packaging team to ensure the production of high-quality product.

    Operate and maintain ProFill 200 canning line. Operator will be required to operate, troubleshoot, and CIP a 20-head counter-pressure filler with 4-head rotary seamer. Must be able to perform necessary mechanical changeovers and adjustments to switch between 12oz sleek, 16oz standard, and 19.2oz standard cans.

    Operate and maintain a Techniblend ProCarb 10 batching skid. Operator will be required to sanitize, initialize, operate, CIP, and troubleshoot the ProCarb 10 batching skid to achieve in-spec flavor profile and carbonation level for product.

    Lead all canned product initiatives. Operator will be required to report into production manager and work with brewing team to establish and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly production schedule and canning goals based on sales forecasts and distributor orders.

    Work with production team to maintain quality and efficiency. Operator will be required to understand systems used in the production and packaging processes – fermentation tanks, various product pumps (centrifugal, positive displacement, variable drive, double diaphragm), glycol systems, CO2 systems, heat exchangers, compressed air systems, water filtration systems, etc. – in order to be able to troubleshoot problems and maintain quality and efficiency.

    Ensure quality assurance practices are followed. Operator will be required to have an understanding of double seam construction – cover hook, body hook, etc. – and be capable of manual seam teardowns and assessment, dissolved oxygen tests, and carbonation level tests.

    Keep accurate records of production and quality assurance information. Operator will be required to complete daily shift reports, record case counts, keep filler maintenance records, and record all packaging information.

    Perform regular maintenance. Operator will be required to execute preventative maintenance on the canning line, depalletizer, conveyor systems and motors, and Inkjet printers. Must be able to work professionally with supplier technicians and engineers both in person and via phone, email, text.

    Maintain inventory of production materials. This includes but is not limited to: spare parts, belts, bearings, hardware, grease, nitrile gloves, cleaning supplies, garbage can liners, and tools.

    3+ years beer, wine, cider, or seltzer industry experience.
    1+ years of canning line experience. Rotary seamer experience preferred.
    Motivated work ethic.
    Team oriented with a “Team First” mentality.
    Skill with small hand tools, power tools, and production tools (pallet jacks, forklifts, etc.)
    The ability to be flexible, problem solve, and handle multiple tasks in a high-speed filling and packaging environment.
    The ability to move, lift, push, and carry objects up to 50lbs.
    Strong organizational skills.
    Clear and concise verbal and written communication skills.
    Must be able to be on your feet for 8+ hours per day in a warehouse environment.