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  • Packaging Line Operator

    Napa Smith Brewery Packaging Line Operator
    The Packaging Line Operator will maintain the sanitation, start-up, operation, and clean-up of the Bottling and Kegging lines at Napa Smith Brewing Company.

    Reports to:
    Brewery Operations Manager

    Practical knowledge of packaging line operation for both bottle and kegging lines. Maintenance experience is a must.
    Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and management, and have written and verbal command of the English language.

    Duties to include:
    Operation of equipment, participate in the clean-up and maintenance of equipment, including preventative maintenance. Follow all sanitation procedures. Effectively monitor production for product quality while minimizing losses in materials and time. Good housekeeping of work area as time will allow. Follow all directions given by supervisory staff. Standard maintenance at facility on all equipment.

    Special Skills Required:
    Ability to safely and effectively perform these duties listed above in addition to any others assigned to you as related to the packaging process at Napa Smith Brewery.