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Lab Technician - Half Acre Beer Company

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  • Lab Technician - Half Acre Beer Company

    Job description

    Half Acre Beer Co. is seeking a qualified individual to execute the daily sampling program within the Half Acre quality department. The Half Acre laboratory technician will be responsible for conducting daily microbiological sampling as well as weekly chemical measurements. This individual will also be responsible for interpreting micro and chemical results and communicating findings with the quality team. The hours for this position will be from 10am – 6:30pm, Tuesday - Saturday.

    Applicant requirements

    Ultimately, the Half Acre laboratory technician must exude the same massive passion and pride for creating beer that exists at the core of all of our brewery staff. This individual must be driven by hard work and selfless acts, and they must be able to achieve intimate harmony among all brewery employees. The applicant must excel at organization, cleanliness, and time management. A 4-year college degree in microbiology, biochemistry, or molecular biology is preferred. Further, at least one year of experience in a microbiological lab is required. Must be experienced in aseptic technique and common lab tech duties.

    Job duties

    • Maintains glassware by washing, sterilizing, and storing

    • Prepares culture media and pours microbiological plates

    • Aseptically collects and plates samples, and interprets growth results

    • Conducts regular yeast cell counts and viability testing

    • Utilizes PCR for rapid genetic sampling

    • Conducts routine extract, pH, and temperature readings, and interprets results

    • Conducts spectrophotometric-based sample prep and assays, and interprets results

    • Regularly pursues continuing education opportunities

    • Constantly works to improve upon current lab practices

    • Communicates well with brewing, cellaring, and packaging staff

    Skills and qualifications

    Aseptic technique, PCR, Chemistry Techniques, Equipment Calibration, Biohazard Safety, Self-Development


    This is an hourly position with comprehensive health coverage, retirement plan, and paid vacation, and it includes all the great beer-related perks of brewery life.

    How to apply

    Send an email to with subject Lab Tech Position. Include a paragraph of personality you think we should read and attach a resume or CV.