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Quality Manager - Iron Heart Canning Co. (NH)

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  • Quality Manager - Iron Heart Canning Co. (NH)

    Directly responsible for the management and effective deployment of the Iron Heart quality control team. Serve as the quality control expert; responsible to assess, revamp, develop, and enforce Iron Heart’s quality control procedures. Strive to raise the bar of standards for canning quality and operations, taking Iron Heart to the next level.

    Quality Control Manager:
    Function as an integral part of the quality control team’s daily responsibilities
    Directly manage the day to day activities of Iron Heart’s quality control team:
    Work directly with divisional managers to effectively utilize and deploy quality teams
    Assess, revamp, and develop responsibilities/mandates for the quality control team
    Drive the Company’s internal audit system
    Develop Iron Heart’s quality control policies and best practices
    Never accept current state, always strive to challenge current practices and improve operations
    Perform top to bottom review of all company operations, SOPs, and best practices
    Work with existing quality control team to revamp and develop new policies and procedures for all practices and products canned, company wide
    Determine goals and mandates of quality functions at each location throughout Iron Heart’s decentralized business
    Enforce Iron Heart’s quality control policies and best practices
    Work directly with divisional and regional managers to deploy policies
    Develop methods to ensure policies and practices are being followed company wide
    Develop and maintain the Company’s data archiving system for all quality control data points
    Develop and maintain the Company’s beverage approval process
    Develop and maintain the Company’s corrective action and complaint tracking system
    Build quality control role and sign off into the customer onboarding process
    Function as an integral role in new product launches
    Perform thorough due diligence and product best practices for all new products

    Head of Laboratory:
    Build and manage a functional laboratory that will serve as the quality control headquarters for the Company
    Advise management on all equipment and components needed to build the laboratory and manage quality control initiatives effectively and completely
    Perform all lab testing and research needed
    Establish and manage a liquid archiving system of tank and can samples throughout the Company

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    Iron Heart Canning Company, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.