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Spoetzl Brewery Sensory Scientist & Small Batch QA - Shiner, Texas

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  • Spoetzl Brewery Sensory Scientist & Small Batch QA - Shiner, Texas

    Spoetzl Brewery Sensory Scientist & Small Batch QA Analyst

    The Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring the high quality and safety of all products manufactured at Spoetzl Brewery throughout each stage of production. This includes the quality of yeast health, brewhouse wort, finished beer, and the final packaged product and packaging material itself. The position is responsible for conducting all sensory panels and organizing sensory training sessions as well as all analyses related to the small batch brewery & barrel aging program. This position will also be a part of small batch brewing & packaging operations when needed. A successful technician must be highly motivated, self-sufficient, and able to manage their time efficiently in order conduct all testing required by production in a timely manner. The technician must also be able to effectively communicate those results to all levels of management and production staff as they recognize and address any potential quality issues before they are able to impact the final product or cause problems with the manufacturing process. A successful candidate must be willing to work shift work, as brewery operation is not restricted to 8-5.

    Minimum Requirements:
    • Must be able to arrive for scheduled shift without additional accommodations
    • Withstand several hours standing or walking for most shifts
    • Perform physical duties, including but not limited to pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting, & walking
    • Basic aptitude for math, chemistry, and microbiology
    • Strong verbal communication skills
    • Strong computer skills & ability to create reports
    • Ability to understand and operate basic laboratory testing equipment as well as some more advanced analytical instruments
    • High level of organizational skills, including written and verbal communication, creative problem solving, and commitment to company goals
    • Prior experience in a laboratory setting & with sensory analysis. Prior experience in brewing preferred, but not required.
    • Knowledge of food safety principles
    • Desire for continuing education and training in Quality Assurance and brewing processes
    • Ability to work in teams as well as independently on projects
    • Innovative attitude towards continuous improvements to testing procedures and productivity
    • 4 year degree in Food Science, Chemistry, Microbiology, or related subject
    • Passion for a wide variety of different beers

    Additional desired skills and qualifications:
    • Strong working knowledge of database software, Power Point, & Excel
    • Knowledge of FDA GMP’s
    • Understanding of HACCP principles
    • Familiarity with modern brewing processes and fermentation systems

    Job Duties
    • Perform process checks throughout the production, packaging, sanitation and warehousing functions of the small batch brewery, including:
    • Equipment operational checks
    • Sanitation verification
    • Beer Analysis (turbidity measurement, alcohol testing, color analysis, pH measurement, flavor analysis, etc.)
    • Packaging Quality Checks (package integrity checks, CO2 analysis, Dissolved Oxygen monitoring)
    • Label checks
    • Organoleptic testing
    • Calibrate test equipment
    • Shelf life testing
    • Sensory Analysis panels for new products or process changes
    • Sensory Training for all Brewery Production staff
    • Monitor beer quality and flavor of barrel aged beers throughout aging process
    • Monitor on-site waste water quality
    • Test yeast quality and monitor fermentation cycles
    • Document all testing results and exercise good judgment on the appropriate course of action when results indicate unacceptable changes in product quality
    • Maintain accurate and organized records of QA activities
    • Maintain organized inventory of retained products
    • Provide independent oversight of processes in order to verify compliance to company standards and processes
    • Effectively communicate when there are deviations from standards or processes
    • Perform all duties required for QA department in main brewery when needed
    • Actively seek, recommend, champion and execute projects to enhance overall product and process quality
    • Report to Quality Assurance Management team

    *Interested applicants should email their resume to