Sandymount Technologies is an MIT-spinout startup that is commercializing a new filtration process for beer.

Sandymount Technologies is looking for quality manager who will be responsible for maintaining a high quality of product throughout the Sandymount process. This is a full time position, and as such, an employee will receive medical benefits, 401k matching, and a generous PTO package.

  • Chemistry or microbiology background.
  • Previous experience working as part of brewery quality department (1-2 years minimum).
  • Has a working understanding of NSF, FDA, HACCP, and other sanitary regulations or certifications.
  • Knowledge of sanitary beverage processing equipment
  • Working knowledge of beer quality metrics and measurement techniques including yeast cells, viscosity, protein, sensory analysis, physical stability.
  • Practical knowledge and usage of laboratory equipment including, microscopes, Millipore filtration, autoclaves, incubators (aerobic and anaerobic), pH meters, and media preparation and dispensing equipment. Sufficient knowledge of computers and databases.

Include but are not limited to
  • Performs accurate aseptic sampling of beverages, obtaining representative samples
  • Aseptically prepares and dispenses microbiological media into plates
  • Processes samples using aseptic techniques onto filters and plates, incubates samples per specification for consistent growth and analyses of microorganisms.
  • Culture, harvest, and store bacteria in an aseptic manor. Ensuring purity of cultures through regular analysis and staining. Maintaining fresh slants as necessary.
  • Maintains a safe clean, sterile laboratory work environment.
  • Comfortable with installation, maintenance, calibration, and continued use of lab instruments including alcolyzer, portable dissolved oxygen meter, viscometer, spectrophotometer, etc.
  • Ability to maintain supporting system infrastructure including filtered water, deaerated water, hot water systems.

TO APPLY: Email resume and short letter detailing experience and excitement for the role to connors@sandymounttechnologies.com