Production Dept of Live Oak Brewing Co. is seeking a full-time can line technician / operator to be a part of the packaging team. The position of packaging line technician / operator will support safe and sale-ready can packaged product by insuring proper function of all can line equipment in alignment with the production schedule.

Tasks and Proficiency Goals - Packaging Line Technician / Operator - Reports to Lead Packaging Line Operator / Mgr., Production Mgr.:

- The understanding of can packaging operation in its entirety, insure proper function of line equipment during operation as tech and operator. Being attentive to the machine’s operation and efficient in identifying and correcting jams/malfunctions.
- Oversee all line maintenance. Having the ability and flexibility to tend to equipment as necessary. Providing support for preventive maintenance, planned and unplanned down-time.
- Inventory of parts and perishables.
- Working with Can Line Manager and Production Manager to plan and tend to necessary maintenance.
- All cleaning process for the canning equipment must be understood and preformed proficiently.
- Demonstrate a high level of attention to detail throughout the packaging process to ensure quality standards and operational efficiency is not compromised, assisting coworkers when necessary.
- Understand the interface and operation of Brite Beer Tanks.

Machine makeup of Live Oak can packaging line:

- Tray Former
- Can Filler - Comac
- Can Seamer
- Box Packer - Switchback
- Date Coder
- Case Receiver
- Level Sensor
- Drier
- Depalletizer - Ska
- Can Conveyor
- Bright Beer Tank
- Beer Pump

General Requirements - Typically, the Packaging Line Technician / Operator is required to stand and/or walk for 10+ hours a day. These employees frequently lift up 50 pounds at a time. Some positions on the canning line require repetitive movements and lifting above head height, reaching with arms and pushing/pulling various weights up to 50 pounds. The work environment conditions vary often with fluctuating temperatures, noise and moisture levels. Safety equipment and training is provided. Safety protocol must be practiced at all times. Additionally:

- Ability to operate a forklift and pallet jack, Live Oak will provide certification if needed.
- Ability to stand for prolonged periods, stoop, crawl, twist, turn, lift, kneel, climb ladders and stairs.
- Ability to comply with safe chemical handling procedures, including personal protection equipment such as gloves and goggles. You will work with hazardous chemicals.
- Participate in QA/QC sensory analysis with focus.
- Understand the importance of clean and sanitation. Practice good cleaning and sanitation, always.
- Computer email, phone skill required for maintenance related admin responsibilties.
- Ability and willingness to work well with coworkers and supervisors.
- Flexibility to occasionally work other production jobs as needed.
- Ability to be at work/working by the decided start time.
- The ongoing goal of being a crucial member of production team.
- Required 2 years of can line experience.
- Compensation based on experience.

Please forward resume and cover letter to