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Packaging Manager - Ex Novo Brewing New Mexico

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  • Packaging Manager - Ex Novo Brewing New Mexico

    Ex Novo Brewing in Corrales, NM is seeking qualified, quality-minded applicants for its packaging manager position. This is a full-time, salary position. We are a packaging production brewery with a focus on canned beer, operating an Alpha Brewing Operations 4-head caning line filling twelve- and sixteen-ounce cans.

    The ideal candidate will have at least three years’ experience operating and maintaining an inline or rotary can line in a craft brewery setting, leading two or more assistants.

    This position requires, but is not limited to:

    · Proper CIP/SIP and manual cleaning/sanitization of all packaging equipment to ensure quality
    · Safe, efficient and quality-focused operation of can depalletizer, can filler/seamer and all ancillary packaging equipment, including keg washer, keg-filling, Anton Parr CO2/DO meter, and future equipment
    · Mechanical and problem-solving skills to properly maintain all machinery involved in packaging operations, including kegging, canning and bottling. Innovation is a must - troubleshooting in the moment and having mechanical aptitude to make adjustments on the fly.
    · Quality control processes such as carbonation testing, seam inspection and overall canned and kegged beer package quality
    · Great palate for beer with sharp olfactory and taste senses
    · Packaging material and finished product inventory management and handling, including distribution orders and forecasting.
    · Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    · Team player mentality—There will be times when duties outside of the specific job description will be required. This may include assistance in brewing and cellar operations, representing brewery at events and conducting tours of brewery, among others
    · Flexibility in schedule to work days, nights and weekends as required
    · Forklift operation
    · Facilities maintenance (cleaning of floors, surfaces, common areas)
    · Full mobility and physical capability to safely and effectively work in a brewery environment including:
    o standing up to 10 hours per shift
    o repetitive stooping, bending, crouching, reaching
    o ability to lift up to 55 pounds to shoulder height repetitively
    o ability to move up to 170 pounds at floor level repetitively
    o adept handling of small parts and all equipment necessary to the job
    o working in often hot, wet, cold and humid conditions
    o use of ladders
    o near and far distance sight

    In addition to the above, the proper candidate will possess understanding of Microsoft Office or similar program to create documents and spreadsheets, and have the ability to communicate electronically as needed.


    BENEFITS - Ex Novo offers generous 401k matching, health insurance plans and all sorts of other perks.

    Research the history of our company, we’ve been well received in our New Mexico expansion, and our vision for our location in Corrales is inspiring to us. Open space, slow pace, and friendly folks abound here in the valley, come be a part of our team!

    Email resume/cover letter to