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  • Beer Mate - Harpoon Brewery

    POSITION: Beer Mate
    DEPARTMENT: Beer Hall
    FLSA: Part-Time, NonExempt
    JOB GRADE: Pin
    PAY: $12/hr + Pooled Tips


    The candidate must be a mature, team player who has a genuine enthusiasm for people, the Harpoon Brewery, and craft beer. Personal integrity, people skills, and professionalism are a prerequisite.

    The Beer Hall Employees’ people skills, inherent enthusiasm, and the ability to make each visitor feel special is an essential factor in day to day operation. They are our front line of representing a leading craft beer brand, and standards of job performance and professionalism are set accordingly. These positions report to the Beer Hall General Manager and department managers.

    Each employee who works in the Beer Hall must have the ability to master all of the positions below. No employee is expected to only work one of the multiple positions. Harpoon takes pride in cross-training and providing the tools to grow and support the very best Harpoon employee.

    Dependability, enthusiasm, cheerful and professional demeanor, a willingness to learn, a demonstrated interest in Harpoon beer. A background in the retail or bar/restaurant industry is preferred. Must be 21 plus.


    Front of house:
    • Re-stock fruit behind the bar
    • Re-stock coasters, napkins, and straws behind the bar
    • Stock ice bin when 200 service bar is set up
    • Run/bus glassware, pretzel baskets
    • Run full bus buckets to kitchen and replace with empty bucket
    • Clean up broken glassware
    • Replace full trash bags behind the bar
    • Maintain draft lines and handles (see maintenance below)
    • Additional duties as directed by the MOD or GM

    Back of house:
    • Quickly flip empty kegs
    • Cut fruit as needed and maintain par levels in cooler
    • Clean dishes in kitchen
    • Bring clean pretzel baskets and ramekins to pretzel line
    • Make lemonade
    • Shut down kitchen
    • Wipe and dry all surfaces, take trash to compactor, turn off dishwasher, lights, etc., sweep and mop floor, bring used rag bags to bin
    • Additional duties as directed by the MOD or GM

    • Replace paper towels, hand soap, and dishwasher/sink fluids as needed
    • Replace leaky or damaged beer lines
    • Change broken faucets
    • Inventory and stock Tri-mark orders
    • Perform keg pull
    • Check runoff log and replace with empty log
    • Check Tasting Room cooler for any empty kegs
    • Take empty kegs to cooler, place on pallet, and wrap with plastic wrap
    • Inventory kegs after final pull is complete
    • Micros kegs from Tasting Room pull as needed
    • Maintain mop closet
    • Label necessary chemicals
    • Verify chemicals are being stored properly
    • Perform bi-weekly cleanings of Tasting Room taps and Beer Hall taps
    • Perform beer pull for retail
    • Maintain stock of growlers in front closet
    • Additional duties as directed by the MOD or GM

    To Apply: https://harpoonbrewery.clearcompany....03488-CS-25519