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  • Empty barrel

    I have a stout that I am pulling from a whiskey barrel next week. Due to tank space and brew schedule, I wont have anything ready to put back in the barrel for about a month. The beer has to get out and into bottles for a release that has already been advertised….

    I want to get one more turn out of the barrel. Can I fill the barrel with 160F water and bung it up until I can get a brew in it? Anything I can do to get another use out of the barrel in a few weeks?


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    You can, but the water is going to leach out a lot of the character of the barrel, and be a decent medium for microbial growth. Can't you just put off racking the finished beer out of the barrel?


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      Burn sulfur in it. That will prevent growth of bacteria. Here is I link to information on short term barrel storage. They also sell all the supplies you will need. Make absolutely sure the the barrel is thoroughly rinsed with hot water and totally dry before lighting the sulfur.

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