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Influence of wine bretts in beer

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  • Influence of wine bretts in beer

    Hello everyone,

    I run a microbrewery located in South France, where I brew a classic core range dedicated to the local market, in parallel with mixed and spontaneous fermented beers.
    Being surrounded by vineyards, I have the opportunity to get 2 small 25HL foeders for an affordable price. However, one of these had been tested positive for brett. The winemaker did an analyse following the presence of "souris" (bready-nutty flavor you can get due to brett in wine).
    Does anybody have already dealt with that? I have some bretted barrels here, but they all were inoculated. Does the wine brett gives its bready flavor to beer as well or does this translate to another flavor?
    I have no serious hope to get completely rid of it with steam, given the thickness of the staves. Just wondering if I could work with it.