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Barrel Racking Tool - 25 Gallon Barrels

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  • Barrel Racking Tool - 25 Gallon Barrels

    Purchased the MoreBeer version of the Bulldog Beer Transfer Tool. We are currently using a variety of 15 Gallon/25 Gallon/53 Gallon barrels, and while the tool seems sized perfectly for the 53 Gallon barrels, there's no way to get the Barrel Sealing Bung to fit into a smaller barrel. So far my only thought has been to buy a Pool Stopper the size of the barrel and drill it out to the size of the tool, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if there is already a better way to do it. How are you guys transferring out o 15/25 Gallon Barrels?

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    We have the same tool, and had the same issue with some 10 gallon barrels. We slipped a 1 1/2” tc gasket over the end, and let it “seat” on the bottom of the sealing bung, held pressure on it while releasing low psi CO2, held just long enough to prime the pump and let it go. At the end we did the same to push the balance out. Not a perfect procedure but it worked quite well.

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