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  • Barrel aged Saison


    I have a few very tasty barrel aged Brett beers and I just started with a few (fruit) saisons. Now that I have a few empty barrels I was thinking of aging a saison in these barrels (230 liter, french oak, Bordeaux, used for just 1 season).
    Is there somebody who has experience aging French saisons on oak, what does it do with the flavors.
    The French saison is pretty tart/sour, I can imagine I get a more mellowed out version with oak and wine character.

    Any input is welcome.

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    BA Saison

    Hey Wilbert

    We're just finishing up a French Saison which has been aging in Gin barrels for the last 8 months. Went in at 7%, a little stronger than our usual French Saison. Fermented it out with Wyeast French Saison strain - 3711 in stainless before racking to the barrels. It fermented out really dry pre barrels as is usual for 3711. Started picking up a ton of botanicals from the gin straight away and has now mellowed into a really dry, fruity, aromatic saison with a ton of peach and other subtle fruits and oak on the nose and palate. They were fresh barrels, dumped that week (as per unwritten policy here).

    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks STL.
      That sounds really tasty. In the meantime I went for it, but I did pitch some Brett in it after all. The saison was brewed with lots of wheat, so I'm confident the Brett has something to do.