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how to test a 25 hp Fulton steamboiler

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  • how to test a 25 hp Fulton steamboiler

    hi guys,
    i wanna build myself a steam heated 10 BBL brewhouse and i have a Fulton 15hp steamboiler but it is sitting there without using for years. i knew it was working when i got it. i have a contact to a guy who services them but just for that alone he charges cl;ose to 1000 dollars. how can i test if it is still good or have any internal leaks? connect it to the house water supply pressure and see what happens? i also attach photos
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    A properly installed steam system for a brewery will cost at the very least $10,000. You'll need dozens of steam components, gas line, flue ducting, electrical, condensate system & water treatment, drainage and ventilation. This is not the area to cut costs and DIY. To make this work right, you need the services of a highly skilled professional. Cobbing up the system on the cheap can have disastrous results. Please don't put yourself and others at risk. That said, the answer to your question is to seek a qualified boiler expert that will flush and hydrostatically test the system. There are many safety devices and interlocks designed to keep the boiler from every going over 1 bar pressure, so those must be safely dealt with. $1,000 for this service seems like a fair price if you must know that the boiler has not developed leaks due to mishandling, age, freezing, etc. Properly installed steam systems are expensive, but a joy to work with. An improperly installed system can, and most likely will be hell.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      No need to have fellow brewer injured just to save a buck. Cut back on other items in building out your brewery. Spend the extra $1.000.