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Equipment with BSPP (G) (parallel) threads with BSPT (R, PT) tapered threads

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  • spiral
    Seemed like using a lot of tape would be the answer. I can buy adapters for parallel to taper thread. Not sure that would be better!
    Thanks I appreciate the help.

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  • gitchegumee
    I hate those threads. They will work with taper threads, most times. Have to use a lot of tape on them to get them to seal. Don't know why those threads are still in use when taper threads are far superior for pipework.

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  • Equipment with BSPP (G) (parallel) threads with BSPT (R, PT) tapered threads

    My steam brewhouse came with BSPP steam ports. Tapered threads are common in Japan where I am.
    Before purchasing I checked "on the Internet" and according to this from McMaster:
    "Female BSPP threads are compatible with BSPT threads."

    After looking at it I am not so sure.
    Obviously a taper to taper thread would be much better.

    Anybody have any real experience with this?
    I already have the equipment.

    Cheers Gary

    Below is from Mcmaster about BSPP
    BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel) threads, also known as Whitworth, G, or RP threads, are used around the world but less commonly in North America. They are often mistaken as metric threads. They are straight, or parallel, meaning they have the same diameter the enitre length of the threads. Unlike tapered threads, the threads themselves do not seal the connection. Instead, an O-ring or gasket creates the seal.

    On many BSPP hose fittings, the threads have matching internal seats that compresses when tightened, and an O-ring or gasket completes the seal. Take care not to overtighten the fittings, as this can deform the compression seats and cause leaks

    Female BSPP threads are compatible with BSPT threads.