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Pilot brewery steam quick disconnect

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  • Pilot brewery steam quick disconnect

    I want to modify our pilot brewkettle (30 gallon) so that it has a stainless coil in it that I'd run steam through. I want to run this off our existing steam but need to easily disconnect it to keep it out of the way. I was looking at these quick disconnect fittings: Anyone see any negatives to this? What size coil would you recommend?

    Essentially I'd install a tee off current steam header-->gate valve--> quick disconnect--> flexible steam rated line-->kettle stainless coil--> steam trap after exiting coil--> flex line to condensate return--> quick disconnect--> ball valve--> tee.

    I have plenty of steam and want to brew similar to the rest of the brewhouse. Thoughts on how long of a coil I should have in the kettle to maintain 20 gallons at a boil? Other concerns?