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Condensing boiler system

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  • Condensing boiler system

    Is anyone using a Condensing Boiler System to provide heat to your kettle steam jackets or raising temps for step mashing? If so, what brand and model are you using? My understanding is that these Condensing Boilers are much more efficient than traditional steam boilers, take up less space, and cost less to install.

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    Condensing boilers only make hot water. You can't condense the water out of the flue gasses if the boiler temperature is going to be above the temperature of boiling water at atmosphere. If you are thinking of just recirculating hot water through the jackets, then yes, one should work for that purpose. However, it would not get it hot enough to boil, so thats a no go for the kettle. I would guess that it wouldn't be that efficient for a mash tun either since you maximum water temp out of a condensing boiler is probably at or near mash out temps.

    You need a steam boiler, not a water boiler.