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    We’re looking at a 30hp boiler for a 17bbl brewhouse with a 34bbl HLT. We’ll also be using steam for the keg cleaning machine. If we place the boiler in the brewery, does it need its own room? Right now we have it positioned in a row from wall to wall as brewhouse, HLT, boiler, mill room. The mill room pretty much has to be where we have it.

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    I would start with a conversation with your local or state mechanical inspector. Some areas require the boiler to be in its own room with walls rated for a high burn time. Also, in its own room, you can design and control the critical make-up air your boiler needs for efficient combustion.
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      No idea what the codes are in Seoul. You need to talk to someone in the know, and the relevant inspector is the one to go to.

      Ask lots of questions. For instance, here in Oregon, 15 psi or above makes it a high-pressure boiler, with a whole different bunch of regs.

      Ideally, keep all your lines as short as possible, including the condensate return lines. Make sure everything is sloped properly, and steam traps are correctly installed.
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        You didn’t specify gas (lpg) or electric. I’m assuming gas because of the HP rating. Usually gas will require the fire rated walls and cold air intake Dave mentions, but electric boilers may not since there is no combustion. These guys have great tips to follow.

        Make sure to spec your boiler properly for high or low pressure. I know someone who ordered a 15 psi boiler that arrived as a 15 bar boiler. Big difference. Some use pascals too.

        In India “regulatory agent” just means “bribe”, so you still want to know what you are working with to be safe. Hopefully your agencies are more legitimate, but never count your safety on it.