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    Hey Everyone. We are a couple months away from opening our doors and wanted to run my water report by everyone. Really don’t want to go the RO route (Not much space). We are a small 3.5 bbl brewery in a 500 sq ft production area (very small). Our water source is town well water. We already have a carbon backwash filter. I’ve included both the most current report and the other from a year ago. The higher ph sample is the newest one. What do you think?

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    The PH is high. For brewing water, PH<6 is better. You can make pH Adjustment to achieve Optimum Water Profile. Malt is acidic and will lower mash pH, but the volume of water needed to sparge, or rinse, the fermentable extract out of the grain is significant. Adding food grade phosphoric acid, lactic acid or calcium sulfate can help correct the pH of the sparge water. pH measurements should be taken of brewing water, mash and sparge water to ensure the mash and wort are in range.


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      Your TDS is too high
      Your chloride is too high
      Bicarbonate is at the upper limit for any style of beer. Total Alk is double the max desired.
      Careful delivering water with 22 gpg hardness to any type of equipment that heats the water - you'll be dealing with a lot of scale.

      Are you planning acid additions?
      If not, you're probably looking at RO, proceeded by a softener.

      What size carbon tank did you get? What disinfectant are you dealing with - will either be chlorine OR chloramine?
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