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Equation for mixing two different volumes/temps of water for a specific temperature.

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  • Equation for mixing two different volumes/temps of water for a specific temperature.

    Hey All,
    A new head brewer here, trying to wrap my head around a new system. Its an all-electric 5bbl brew house from Steincraft. I have a CLT water meter and a HLT water meter, and the ability to set the pumps to stop a specific amount of each of those. My question is does there exist an equation for saying I want 152*f water in the mash how much volume of 184* HLT and 33* CLT do I need? I have seen the equation T(final) = (M1_T1+M2_T2)/(M1+M2) but that doesn't really help me with volumes does it? Basically to set my counters to say 140 gallons of HLT and 15 gallons of CLT to make 155 gallons of 152* water. Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know about the calculation, but if you cold water is no colder than 34 F, then have a look at this

    This calculator will help to consider the mixed temperature of two water streams, its flowrate, percentage flow and actual flow of each stream.


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      I think I've got it figured out:

      Cold: Final volume/(Thot-Tcold)*(Thot-Tfinal)
      Hot: Final volume/(Thot-Tcold)*(Tfinal-Tcold)

      I made a sweet calculator for it in Excel, but seem to be unable to upload xlsx-files.

      Edit: I can of course add zip-files and thus I have.
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        (30 gallons x 33 F) + ( A gallons x 184 F) = 155 gallons x 152 F

        990 + 184 A = 23,560

        184 A = 23,560 - 990

        184 A = 22,570

        A = 22,570 / 184

        A = 122.6 gallons

        Proof: (30 x 33) + (122.6 x 184) = 23,548

        30 gallons + 122.6 = 152 gallons

        You will need 30 gallons of water at 33 degrees Fahrenheit mixed with 122.6 gallons of water at 184 F to achieve 155 gallons of water at 152 F.
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